How to reset BIOS to factory settings?

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How to reset BIOS to factory settings?

Many of us love to set up our computer on our own, but most of these many do not know all the subtleties of PC work well enough. It happens that wanting to do better, we only make it worse, making mistakes when setting up certain settings. Worst of all mistakes when setting up the BIOS (BIOS), and, as well, that in this case there is the possibility of "rollback". This article will talk about how to reset the BIOS settings to factory settings.

Through BIOS settings

The easiest way is to reset the BIOS settings directly through the BIOS interface.

To enter it, you need to restart your computer and monitor the change of screen savers. As soon as a splash screen appears with the words Press XXX for Setup or Setting BIOS XXX, where XXX is a hot key or combination forHow to reset BIOS to factory settingsgo to settings, press this key. Depending on the manufacturer of the PC, the combinations for calling in the BIOS differ, but the most frequent are Del and F2.

When you enter the BIOS, you need to find the parameter Load default setting (sometimes called Load BIOS Setup Defaults) in the main menu, select it (control in the BIOS using the arrows) and press the Enter key.All! Deal done, settings reset.

CLRTC Jumper

Sometimes it can be so hard, they say, “messing up” with the settings, that the BIOS interface cannot be started, in which case the path will be more difficult - you will have to slightly disassemble your PC.

  1. Turn off the power of the system unit and remove the back of it (sometimesCLRTC Jumperside cover.
  2. Locate the motherboard, and on it a jumper called CLRTC (see figure).
  3. This jumper defaults to position 1/2, you also need to translate it to position 2/3, and after 10-20 seconds - back.

Important! The jumper can also be called Clear CMOS, CCMOS, Clear RTC, CRTC, etc. (depending on the PC manufacturer), but the appearance will be about the same, so it is difficult to make a mistake.

After switching the jumper, you can reassemble the system unit and turn on the computer.

Battery motherboard

If you are still afraid to choose the wrong jumper and exacerbate the problem, there is stillbiosOne method to reset the BIOS: you need to remove the battery of the motherboard, which is usually located near the jumper (see figure). The battery must be removed for 20 minutes, and then put back.

Now you can turn on the computer. Everything should go without problems.