How to relax on Easter

"Holy Easter is celebrated in the most solemn manner in all Christian countries. In Russia, every day of the week, starting on Monday, there are swings, merry-go-rounds, booths, where comedians present, I also have other shows. The population makes congratulatory visits to relatives and friends ride in carriages. Each city or village is announced with a bell ringing until evening, where everyone is allowed to exercise.

The egg from the first Christening is considered to be "the most original", and it is retained for a whole year before the new Christoration. The common people are convinced that with this egg on the first day of the holiday during matins you can recognize the sorcerer, who will seem to be back to the altar ".

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Not having the opportunity for a distance to congratulate you personally on the upcoming day of Christ’s Resurrection, we consider it a special pleasure, although in writing, to wish you to spend these solemn days in joy and joy. We hasten with you in absentia!

Among the significant Christian holidays of Easter, without exaggeration we can call the celebration of celebrations, besides, lasting a whole week! However, the preparation for Easter begins and continues throughout the Passion Week. Believers should hold it in the strictest temperance and prayer, performing feats of virtue and mercy.

By the end of the week, on Great Thursday, the house was thoroughly washed and decorated. Then you should definitely wash yourself (and better go to the bath). It's not for nothing that this day was called "clean Thursday" among the people. On Friday, they make treats, make cakes, and paint eggs on Holy Saturday.

At Easter, it is customary to congratulate all your friends and relatives. And although it is possible to bestow neighbors with anything and everything, still, preference is given to eggs in any form. But in what - you decide. The choice is so great that the eyes run up, and the hands reach for work. God help you!