How to restore the furniture?

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How to restore the furniture?

After long years of saving, many people rarely part with old furniture. Most often, old chairs, dressers and tables gather dust in extensions, pantries and balconies, and throwing it all away does not raise a hand. In this case, it is worth thinking about the restoration of old furniture.

It should be noted that you can only restore high-quality wooden furniture. Modern furniture made from cheap chipboard, unfortunately, can not be restored.

During the restoration work, the following tools may be needed:

  • sandpaper of different grain,
  • putty knife,
  • furniture scraper,
  • varnishes, paints of the right colors,
  • putty for wood, pencils, markers for restoration,
  • gloves, brushes,
  • various decorative elements: film, paper, decal.

How to restore the furniture? Restoration of furniture is divided into partial and complete, we consider in more detail both types.

Partial furniture restoration

Furniture restorationThis method involves changing only some elements of the furniture.For example, if your lacquer has deteriorated on the surface of the dresser, it can be restored in two ways.

Coating with a new layer of varnish

  1. Use a rag moistened with gasoline to wipe the surface to degrease it.
  2. After complete drying, polish the surface.
  3. Then go over the surface with a metal scouring pad to remove the lacquer layer.
  4. Remove dust and varnish the prepared surface.

Film coating

After you prepare the surface and remove the lacquer coating, glue it over with a self-adhesive film purchased at a hardware store. Restoration of this type is the easiest way and does not take much time.

Complete furniture restoration

With a full restoration, the broken furniture element is completely changed. For example, how to restore a chair if you need to replace the lacquer coating and upholstery?

The order of work is as follows:

  1. Remove lacquer and upholstery;
  2. We varnish the prepared wooden elements;
  3. Then we put foam rubber on all the soft elements of the product, we cover it with a cloth on top (leather, leatherette, flock, tapestry can be used as upholstery material).

Aging furniture

How to restore the dresser to make it modern and original? You can make it old. There are two ways of aging.

  1. After removing the varnish or paint with sandpaper, varnish the chest with craquelure varnish. After complete drying, coat the chest with varnish or paint of the desired color again. The top cover will crack, and the effect of antiquity will turn out.
  2. Remove the old varnish or paint, then apply a water-based stain and wipe the place with a wet sponge, which should be lighter. After the product dries, we grind those places that should be darkened. We cover the prepared part with a stain, but not on a water basis, but on an oil one. We wait until it dries, and fill all the pores with shellacous primer. In this case, you can use a sponge. At the end, using a metal brush, rub in the wax to restore the furniture.

Cabinet restoration

Cabinet restorationWith the old wardrobe you can also come up with something. It can be repainted using lacquer or paint of a suitable color, or it can be aged. How to age the furniture, we have already figured out, let's think about how to properly repaint the furniture.

Basic steps:

  1. Repair flaws on the cabinet surface;
  2. Remove varnish or paint, polish every detail;
  3. Start painting. For example, we chose these colors: ivory, white, gold, light blue. The cabinet frame is painted in ivory, and the doors in light blue. The patterns on the doors are painted in white and gold, the frames of the glasses can be painted in gold;
  4. Replace the handles if necessary;
  5. You can glue the back wall with wallpaper or plain thick paper;
  6. Cover the cabinet with a layer of lacquer and leave it to dry completely.

Restoration of the table

Restoration of the tableHow to restore the table? The easiest way is to use elements of decoupage.

  1. First, prepare the surface: remove the varnish, polish.
  2. Then select a suitable pattern from the decoupage set and cut it. Gently glue the image onto the surface, smoothing out wrinkles and bubbles.
  3. After the surface is dry, varnish it.

Restoration of old furniture is a rather difficult, but at the same time interesting and exciting process. You can use the presented restoration methods not only for the furniture that we have considered, but also for the other. Do not be afraid to experiment, and the result will not take long.