How to return form after childbirth

It was a cesarean, how now to remove the stomach, to get rid of stretch marks on the hips, chest. Thanks in advance!


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Tatyana, and how much time has passed since the moment of delivery?

8 months

So you may well be fully engaged in sports, without fear that the seam will disperse.

Do you have extra weight? Or do you just want to remove stretch marks and improve your skin?

Basic training tips can be found here.

You can also adjust the power. Here are nutritionist tips.

Thank you! I hope to help.

To remove the stomach, there is a good exercise from yoga - a vacuum is called. Just today I read the site about it, there is even a video there, how to do

thanks, real good exercise, if you regularly do, the belly really goes away

First of all, you need to take the habit of playing sports, at least light, in the morning. At home, you can safely do aerobic exercises, under the same TV. I agree with those who advise yoga.But from personal experience I can advise dancing on the pylon. It seems to me that no single sport gives such a pronounced result. Of course, a 100% guarantee of getting rid of stretch marks will not work, but you will definitely tighten the figure, strengthen each of the muscle groups.