How to return the natural hair color after dyeing?

Each of us carried out experiments with hair color. But what if the resulting color is very different from the desired one? Is it possible to somehow return your natural tone without harm to the hair?

How to restore the natural color after dyeing?

What if the new color did not suit you or just tired? How to return the natural hair color after dyeing? There are several ways to do this, we will focus on each of them in more detail.

In a natural fashion

The easiest and harmless way

The most obvious, simple, but quite a cardinal way to restore the natural color of hair is haircut. There are only two options:

  • Cut your hair gradually and gradually. But remember that the more often you do this, the faster your curls will grow, and the faster you will return to your natural color. But remember that some time you have to wait. And if you want to keep the length, then you have to wait for a long time.In addition, the growing roots may not look very nice.
  • Change dramatically and cut off all your dyed hair, back to its natural color. But this method is not suitable for everyone, it will be appropriate in several cases. You can do this, firstly, if you don’t feel sorry for your curls, secondly, if you already have a short haircut, thirdly, if you have hairstyles with short strands.

Coloring or discoloration

Return the old hair color can be using staining. But everything will depend on what kind of shade takes place to be, and to what tone you want to come. There are several options:

  1. If you are a blonde by nature and want to get rid of the dark hair color, then immediately get ready for the difficulties. If you dyed your hair for quite a long time, then the pigment of coloring compositions managed to penetrate into their structure and accumulate inside, which means it will not be easy to remove it. Paints with clarifier will not solve the problem, but can only aggravate it. Blond hair is naturally thin and fragile, and if, after dyeing, to affect them with a decolorizing compound, you can literally lose some of your curls.But still try to discoloration is, but not at home! The best option is to contact an experienced and professional hairdresser, who will appreciate the condition and color of your strands, select a sparing composition without ammonia and do everything in the best possible way. But after such “executions,” the state of the curls will in any case worsen, so go to the store of professional cosmetics for quality care products or use traditional recipes. Relevant are caring oil or honey masks.
  2. Another way - to return to the natural tone gradually. If you need to go from dark to dark hair, you can tint the roots. In this case, the colored part of the hair should not be touched, so that the pigment is washed out, rather than accumulated. And paint the root part, but always choose the color to match the tone or better two brighter than the one in which your curls are painted. Gradually, you go out to the natural hair color.
  3. If you bleached hair, but again want to become a brunette, then everything is much easier. Wait for the roots to grow a little, and then dye the rest of your hair in color close to your natural one.But remember that this procedure will have to be repeated several times, because all paints tend to run off. In addition, it will be better if the color is chosen by a professional.
  4. To become a blonde again, but not to cause significant harm to your hair, you can try to highlight. This procedure will help make the transition less noticeable.
  5. If you need to become a brunette, then try coloring. As in the previous case, the transition will become less noticeable.


If you want to get rid of dark hair and go back to a lighter one, then try to make a paint remover. Using an emulsion for removal of permanent paints from hair, you will be able to restore a former color. This procedure on the principle of action resembles discoloration, but the product does not contain aggressive substances. The components included in the composition, neutralize the pigment inks.

Everything is real

To achieve results and not to spoil the hair, choose high-quality products. It is better to follow them to a specialized store of professional cosmetics. If you decide to carry out the procedure at home, then first carefully read the instructions, and then proceed.

The essence of the washing is reduced to the fact that the tool is applied to your curls and left on them for a certain time, during which the components must penetrate the hair structure and neutralize the pigment.

Then the composition needs to be washed off. As a rule, the procedure should be repeated 2-3 times, this will fix the result. Remember that the color of the roots will be different from the color of the rest of the hair. In addition, if you decide to dye your hair after washing, then choose a shade two to four shades lighter than the one you want to get.


It is best to conduct washing in the cabin. First, the specialist will select the appropriate tool, and secondly, he will apply it evenly, and third, level the color.

Wash your hair

The more often you wash your hair, the faster the paint will wash off. Many people advise to use hot water, but it is impossible to do this all the time, since high temperatures will have a negative effect on hair and destroy them.

To speed up the process, you can use soap, but remember that it can make your curls dry.

In addition, there are professional shampoos for gradually washing off the paint. Get one of them.

Folk methods

You can try out folk remedies. Here are a few recipes:

  1. Use orange or lemon juice. Acid helps to neutralize the pigment and slightly lighten the hair. Apply the composition to the curls and leave for 20-30 minutes, then rinse. You can repeat this procedure no more than 5 times a day. It is impossible to change the color drastically in this way, but it is quite possible to lighten the strands slightly.
  2. Instead of lemon juice, you can use kefir, it also contains acid. Apply it to the entire length of the curls, wrap the head with a cling film, and then wrap up with a towel. Wash away the mass and evaluate the result. The next day, the procedure can be repeated.
  3. To make bleached hair darker, you can use a strong brew. Rinse her head regularly without rinsing off the product.
  4. A decoction of onion peel will help, but it may have a not very pleasant smell. 100 grams of husk pour a liter of water. Boil the mixture for half an hour, cool, strain and use for rinsing.

Do not overdo it and have patience. And by all means take care of the health of your hair!

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