How to safely rent an apartment without intermediaries?

How to safely rent an apartment without intermediaries?

How to safely rent an apartment without intermediaries?



Many of us have faced and are faced with rental housing. It can be either an apartment or a house, or maybe a room. People rent housing when they come to study in another city, when in their apartment repair or when they come on a business trip. Some rent housing, tk. its not yet bought.


We, of course, want to find a good home for good money. No one wants to overpay. However, we can expect various surprises. The best option is to entrust the choice of an apartment to a realtor. He will provide you with the necessary option, will help with the design and all legal issues. However, this is quite costly.


We want to save money. However, you need to know how not to save yourself to the detriment of yourself. At present, it is extremely difficult to rent an apartment from the first time. You can face scammers, whose activities have become aggravated during the crisis.


If you decide to find your own apartment, then in no case can not relax. It is necessary to consider that you will be in danger. However, if you listen to the advice, you can find a great apartment at an affordable price. Do not let things go by themselves.


Search for an apartment.


Rent of any housing is divided into 4 stages:

  1. Search for an apartment. The location of the apartment, the requirements for it and the price category is selected.
  2. Verification of documents. In order to rent a house you should make sure that you can give it for rent.
  3. Discussing the terms of the transaction. The price, conditions, time and other nuances are agreed.
  4. The process of registration of the transaction. It includes the signing of an agreement, payment of an advance.
  5. At any of these stages you may face fraud.


When searching for an apartment, you can turn to both the print ads and the ads on the Internet. You can find an apartment by contacting your friends. At this stage, you can face scammers. There are a lot of offers. They must be carefully filtered. Should be discarded those conditions which are not suitable: location, number of rooms in the apartment, too high a price. For the price worth bargaining.The probability that the price will reduce is negligible, but it is worth knowing the average prices for housing.


When starting a search it is necessary to know the market, to have at least a general idea. If the intermediary understands that you are new to the situation, he may overstate the price, offer you unfavorable conditions.


How to safely rent an apartment without intermediaries? In an attempt to rent an apartment, one may encounter not only the owners, but also intermediaries. Moreover, the latter constitute the lion's share of proposals. Mediators seem to be homeowners. Often they resort to such methods: publish ads with non-existent housing. When a potential tenant calls, they say that this apartment has already been rented. As a result, they offer another, but at a higher price. Often a potential tenant agrees to the conditions, since spent a lot of time searching.


You can also contact intermediaries, but if you want to find accommodation without a middleman, this is also possible. There is only one way out: calling the ad to find out whether you are communicating with an intermediary or owner. In case you encounter an intermediary, you need to end the conversation as quickly as possible and start making new calls.Do not worry or feel awkward, because realtors are used to communicate with customers.


The most reliable way to find an apartment can be considered an appeal to friends or acquaintances. Perhaps someone from the surrounding rents housing or knows those who can pass it to you. In this situation, you can not worry about scammers and intermediaries. Fraudsters, in turn, try to use such methods when they can provide a minimum of information about housing. For example, place an ad on a pole or on sites where registration is not required.


There are cases when fraudsters wait for their victims in crowded places. They can overhear the conversation, learn from it that a person needs housing.


Can work at the railway and bus stations. A fraudster may appear just in the form of a passer-by and “out of the kindness of his heart” recommend housing.


As a rule, scammers are good actors and psychologists. They can play a whole play. In this case, the person risks being left without an apartment, and without money. In order not to fall for their bait you should not relax, you need to keep the situation under control.


Scammers can tell about the deceased grandmother, whose apartment is empty. The legend of a lonely woman who does not want to advertise and rent an apartment to strangers also runs. And the story of a neighbor who went on a business trip for a long time, and there is no one to look after the apartment, looks very realistic. Do not believe everything they say. Otherwise, you can lose money, and not even know where exactly the apartment is located and what the person who wanted to help you looks like.


It does not at all follow that everyone who offers an apartment is a fraudster. With a person you need to talk and find out whether he rents his housing. It is best to look for rent on specialized sites tested. When you have selected some good offers you should contact the owner. You can immediately ask the question whether the person is the owner. If followed by a positive response to continue the conversation. It is necessary to clarify all the details of the lease: where is the apartment, how to get, what is the cost, what equipment and furniture it has, what is the general condition of the apartment, etc. Also, to make sure that you communicate with the owner, you can ask how long it will take to get from the apartment to the place where the nearest store is located.The owner is likely to answer these questions, and the mediator may not be ready for them. Even a negative reaction is possible.


It is worthwhile to get under its own power in order to determine how convenient the location is in housing. This also excludes the display of a fake apartment.


When you have inspected the apartment and all the conditions have come, you can start signing the contract. In this case it is worth checking all the documents for the apartment, you can ask the owner to show his passport. In response, he may ask yours. The apartment must be framed on the person who enters into a contract with you. If there are several owners, it is also necessary to find out if they know about renting an apartment.


The contract is in 2 copies.Before signing it should be read carefully. The contract should contain information about the apartment, its location, area, lease terms, rental amount, the contract validity period.


How to safely rent an apartment without intermediaries? There may be a situation that the owner refuses to conclude the contract because of unwillingness to pay taxes. In this case, he must at least make a receipt that he has received money from you.The receipt must specify the rental period and the amount of the deposit.


If you approach the rental of housing seriously and follow the advice, then you will protect yourself.