How to see in the dark?

Man has long been accustomed to rely on the benefits of modern technological progress. Streets and houses are lit with electric bulbs. Therefore, people do not need to closely peer into the night mist in order to see the road. Those who love nature, hiking with campfires and gatherings around the fire, are less dependent on artificial lighting, and even know how to use their night vision. A person sees in the dark quite badly, but there are a number of techniques and exercises that can allow to improve his night vision.

Creating an inner mood

How to see in the dark? First of all, do not be afraid of the dark. If darkness is perceived by you as something hostile, then you will see horrible and evil monsters everywhere. In this case, you will see almost nothing. You need to "make friends" with the darkness, to understand that she is your good friend. Try to feel the "taste" of the night, dissolve in it and surrender to the dark. Become part of it. Only with such a mindset is it worth to be in the dark, and conduct classes on training for night vision.

Night vision training

In order for the eyes to quickly adapt to the darkness, it is worth washing with cold water and then putting a piece of sugar under the tongue. Next you should do an easy charge. These actions are necessary in order to activate part of the sympathetic nervous system.

You should not just sit and gaze into the darkness, it is better to do some work, for example, look at the silhouettes and shadows, because the eyes adapt faster. Be sure to consider the moment that you need to be extremely careful while conducting training and avoid moments with a sharp appearance of bright light. When the light suddenly comes on, your eyes do not have time to adapt to it, and a sharp pain arises.

When walking at night, you should not look right under your feet. Look ahead. Practice doing this exercise, and you will quickly realize how effective it is when training night vision.

After a time, when your eyes will get used to the darkness, try to look at the map, but do not use an ordinary flashlight for this. Take a modern tourist light source with red diodes.If you do not have such a flashlight, you can simply close an ordinary flashlight with a handkerchief. In order to quickly and effectively develop night vision, try to use artificial lighting less. You can also put home lamps with special red weak light bulbs.

Animals with night vision

There are different types of animals that are able to see perfectly in the dark. For example, geckos, sharks, cats and dogs see very well in the dark. Some of these animals prefer to sleep during the day and go out hunting at night to get their livelihood.

Let's look at the example of a cat device eye, seeing in the dark animals. If you look deep into her pupil, you can easily see the silvery layer of crystals. They look like a mirror. It is they who enhance the light that enters the eyes. Because of this, cats can see perfectly in the dark. But the daylight is too bright for the cat's eyes. Therefore, in order to defend against it, she has to “squint”: in the afternoon, the cat looks with pupils-lye.

Geckos protect their eyes just like cats. At night, they look at the world around them with large, black, round pupils, and during the day their pupils become narrow.


The ability to see in the dark can bring great benefits in various unforeseen situations. For example, the house turned off the lights, and you need to find a flashlight, or you went to rest on the nature and forgot to take the lighting. In these and many other situations, the ability to see in the dark will become your indispensable assistant.