How to see passwords in Chrome?

Natalya Safonova
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How to see passwords in Chrome?

As you know, Google Chrome allows you to save the passwords you enter, if the corresponding function is marked in your browser settings. Sometimes in order to enter a forgotten password, on a different machine or in another browser, you need to sing pretty much, remembering forgotten characters.

How to see passwords in chrome? Thanks to the developers, it�s not hard to do. If you decide to see your password, you should:

  • click the "wrench" icon (settings), it is usually located in the upper right corner of the window
  • find the "advanced settings" tab, a few more lines will open
  • see the section "passwords and forms"
  • then we find in the previously opened window the tab "managing saved passwords", click on it
  • a window opens where all sites with saved passwords will be shown
  • After reviewing the entire list, select the desired site.
  • click on the "show" button
  • see the required password, remember it, copy it, etc.

If you have a chrome browser installed, it�s not difficult to look at the saved passwords - the main thing is to know where to find them.So to say, physically files with passwords are also stored in the user's folder with the appropriate name, where the words google chrome and data user on the hard disk will be encrypted and, theoretically, the password can also be seen there.