How to sell an LLC?

The need to sell an LLC may be due to a large number of different reasons. If you want to sell a company, you need to learn how to properly sell an LLC. In any case, you need to be prepared for the fact that this procedure will take from one to three months. In order to sell an LLC, you must:

  • give an accurate assessment of your company;
  • find a company that can provide legal support;
  • find a buyer;
  • prepare the necessary documents;
  • reissue an LLC.

There are several options for how to sell an LLC. It is worth considering them in detail.

Entering a new co-founder

Share in LLC can be sold by entering a new co-founder. After that, the remaining shares can be transferred to the new co-founder. So it will change the owner of the company. This procedure is carried out as follows.

First step

It is necessary on the basis of the application of a new member LLC to decide on its entry. The application should be in the form P14001. After that, he must be assured by a notary. In this application, you must specify the information about the new participant and the occurrence of the right to a new LLC share.Further, a notarized statement must be registered within three days at the place of registration of the LLC with the tax authority.

Second phase

The tax after five working days will have to issue a certificate of state registration of changes in the constituent documents of the company. After that, it will be necessary to draw up a decision of the founder on the transfer of its share of LLC to the new co-founder and its withdrawal from all members of the company. This application will also need to be notarized and registered at the place of registration of the company with the tax authority. You should pay attention to the fact that all transactions made with shares in an LLC, as well as changes in the share capital must be certified by a notary and be registered with the state registering authority.

Company for sale

There is another way to sell an LLC. This can be done by placing the company for sale. Before you put it up for auction, you need to organize an audit of an LLC in order to make a preliminary assessment of its results. So a potential buyer will be able to be sure that the firm is real and conducted its business activity without violating the law.

How to find a buyer Ltd.

There are several ways to find a buyer LLC. They all have their pros and cons. To find the most suitable way for you, you should consider them in detail.

  • Search for a buyer among your business partners and acquaintances.

This is the most inefficient way, because it suits only a very narrow circle of business owners. The advantage of this option is the conditional safety of financial costs. And the main drawback can be called a small number of potential buyers.

  • Placing ads in newspapers.

If you decide how to sell the company LLC, and decided to resort to this method of finding a buyer, then it should be noted that this option is extremely unprofitable. It can be effective only for small businesses that are actively in demand by the most ordinary buyer. The advantages of this search option buyer LLC can be attributed to the small cost of placing ads.

  • Place your ad on paid business sites.

Placing ads on 4-5 large sites can attract a fairly large number of potential buyers.However, the cost of submitting ads on such sites is quite high, which makes this search option a fat minus.

  • Contact business brokers.

The most profitable to sell an LLC can, if you seek help from specialists in the sale of the business. Business brokers use in their work not only the above ways of finding a buyer, but many others, while taking into account their own experience in selling a business. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that each professional broker has his own accumulated base of investors and buyers.

How to sell property Ltd.

Sometimes it may be necessary to leave the LLC and at the same time pick up the acquired property. How to do it? In this situation, the ideal way would be to sell the property of the company. Moreover, almost all of this is carried out by selling a share in the authorized capital of an LLC to a buyer. After the sale to the buyer passes the right to own property, which he will be able to dispose of at his discretion. To implement this procedure for the sale of a share, it is recommended to seek help from a notary.In any case, his assistance will be necessary, because it is the notary who will draw up a notarization certificate upon the fact of collecting and processing documents. Within three days, the notary will be required to submit to the registration chamber an application for amending the Register. Also, apart from the application, you must provide the contract. After this procedure, you can easily figure out how to sell a stake in an LLC, and the problem of the division of the company will be solved. The buyer enters into ownership from the date of notarization of the contract of sale.