How to separate the living room from the kitchen

You will need
  • Wooden railing, glass blocks, drywall.
Zone separation optionskitchensfrom the living area furniture is easily executable, usually these zones are divided either by a bar counter or upholstered furniture. But if you demolish the wall that separates these two rooms, or you want to build a decorative partition, you will have to work. Do not completely demolish the wall, but leave about a meter high. Depending on the style in which you want to issue zoneskitchensand the living room, exposed bricks can be sheathed with drywall or left in its original form.
In the bricks hollow out the openings for decorative decoration - there you can insert glass blocks that look just gorgeous when it is light in the kitchen and dark in the living room. These blocks come in various colors and even with a pattern, matte and transparent, smooth and with a grooved structure. Choose the combination that suits you and glue the glass blocks in a group or one at a time,but in different places. It is also possible to adapt these holes in the wall for shelves, where you can place different vases, candles, lamps and beautiful dishes.
If you have sheathed the wall with plasterboard, then the resulting width is enough for an additional shelf, which can be installed on top. Make a simple wooden shelf and varnish in two layers, since the fumes from the stove can spoil the wood. Attach the shelf to the wall with self-tapping screws. The wall can be made multi-level - higher up the main wall and gradually decreasing to the aisle between the kitchen and living room. At these levels, put indoor plants and souvenirs.
If you have completely demolished the wall or divided one large room into zones, the installation of a wooden railing is possible. Choose carved balusters and pillars, cover with colored or clear lacquer and attach with screws to a wooden base, and screw this platform to the floor. Attach a railing from above with self-tapping screws, it is better to choose flat and wide so that they can be used as a shelf.
Thus, it is possible to separate the kitchen in a stylish and original roomusing part of the old wall or erecting a new one.If you are not afraid to constantly stumble over a new barrier, raise the level of the floor in the kitchen area and lay it with tiles or porcelain stoneware, and cover the floor of the living room with a cozy carpet.