How to set personal boundaries

Learn to say no

Sometimes people do what they do not want, just because they are afraid of offending others. If you feel uncomfortable, when a person comes too close to you too fast, be it a friendly or romantic relationship, think about yourself first. Do not be afraid to make it clear to a person that they are not ready for such a development of relationships.Try not to let a person who you do not like too close, just out of courtesy, otherwise you will be tormented by forced communication with him.
If you are confused by the violation of your personal space by someone, do not hesitate to talk about it. You can choose the formulation and the degree of straightness yourself depending on the situation. If a person is well aware of the hints, limit them. Do not catch your thoughts - make a warning and directly explain that you are not familiar and not at all pleasant to his style of communication.

Be restrained

If you do not want your friends to discuss your life, you should not advertise it. Be consistent. If you first tell all your colleagues in detail about your quarrel with a close friend, and then you are surprised that they shamelessly climb into your life, it looks illogical.
Protecting your privacy is your task. Do you want people to know less about you and do not intrude in your unceremonious manner into your affairs, do not tell about your every step on social networks and do not lay out too much personal photos on the Internet. Sharing plans and expressing your thoughts can be in a notebook, keeping a diary.To keep some distance with individuals, refrain from asking about their lives. Otherwise, you will have to pay tribute for your own curiosity and respond with sincerity to sincerity.
Try to keep quite friendly, but somewhat detached with those around you who do not want to be allowed too close to yourself. Believe me, people at the subconscious level will catch the signals of your body and take note of your conditions for maintaining contact, including the intention to observe personal boundaries.

Understand yourself

If you do not want to go to a rapprochement with anyone at all, you should think about it. Perhaps your desire to limit contacts and set barriers between yourself and other people speaks of your isolation.
The reason for this may be self-doubt. Alternatively, you consider yourself not a good person and are afraid of being rejected, undervalued. The defensive reaction is manifested in the desire to move away from other people.
Although it may be in misanthropy. A cynical, arrogant attitude towards others is another extreme in relation to the fear of evaluation. Such a person risks to be left alone and too late to realize his need to be loved, understood and accepted by someone.