How to set up a microphone for GR

You will need
  • - microphone.
Locate the connector for your computer’s sound cardmicrophoneIt is usually marked with a corresponding icon and is located next to the headphone jack. Typically, the sound card input is located on the back of the system unit, on its side or front panel or, in some cases, on the keyboard or speaker system, if they are used as an adapter. In laptops and netbooks such connectors are usually located on the sides of the case or on its front wall.
After you connect the microphone to the computer, adjust its volume in the sound card menu in the control panel. It is best to check the box “Remove echo”, because otherwise the interlocutor may not hear you.
In the “Sounds and Audio Devices” menu in the control panel, select the hardware settings item and specify the volume level Also, the microphone you connect is selected as the default device in cases where there are more than one or it has not been previously defined in the system. This is done in the drop-down menu of audio input devices.
Set up the microphone in the program that will use it in work. Indicate the desired volume level, having previously checked it with the help of a special utility. If necessary, make an additional check by making a call to a special online chat program. For example, in the contact list of Skype there is a special item that allows you to call a special service. After that, depending on the results, you can configure the equipment properly. In case of equipment malfunction, it is mandatory to replace it and do not try to use a damaged microphone in the computer, as this may damage the sound card.