How to sew a coat?

Every year, a huge number of women are faced with a problem: what to wear in autumn and winter. And it seems that the cabinets are full of the amount of outerwear, but there is nothing to wear anyway. Each season to buy new coats, coats and jackets is very expensive and not everyone can afford it. In addition, many prefer to wear exclusive items. It is in such cases that sewing at home comes to the rescue. Let's try today to consider how to sew a coat at home, and what is needed for this.

Choosing a material

The first and probably the most difficult step is to choose the material of your future coat. If you are going to sew an autumn, demi-season coat, then the choice is easier, but if you are to create a winter, warm coat with your own hands, you will have to take a more responsible approach to the choice of material. Many women prefer cashmere. Cashmere is a special breed of goat's wool, a rather expensive material, but it is very pleasant to the touch, retains heat very well and practically does not wrinkle and get dirty.The main disadvantage of cashmere is that with a long and constant wear on the fabric appear pellets, from which it is rather difficult to get rid of. Tweed coats are also warm. Such coats are more wearable, the fabric does not burn under the sun, they also do not crumple and, when properly seated on the figures, hide all the flaws. In most cases, mixed fabrics are now used. If you choose such a fabric, pay attention to the composition of fabrics. Choose fabrics with a high content of wool, because of the wool coat is warm. But on the other hand, pure wool without impurities of synthetic fabrics is very difficult to fit beautifully on the figure.

Take measurements

Correctly take measurements is not difficult, but for this you need the help of a friend or someone else. When taking measurements, you should consider what kind of clothes you will wear under your coat, if you are supposed to wear thick sweaters, you should add one or two centimeters to all parameters. You should also consider what kind of underwear you will wear, if you prefer tights or underwear with a dragging effect, then all this must be taken into account.Naturally, even a very well-sewn thing can sit on you badly due to improperly taken measurements.

How to actually take your measurements? It should be smooth, relaxed and straight to stand, while the other takes measurements. Measurements are taken from the following places.

  • chest girth - measured at the level of the armpits at the most prominent points of the chest;
  • girth under the breast - measured by the tape passing under the breast and under the shoulder blades;
  • waist circumference - measured at the narrowest point of the waist;
  • hips circumference - measured by the most prominent points of the buttocks;
  • chest height - measured from the highest point of the shoulder seam to the protruding point of the chest;
  • length of the back to the waist - measured from the 7th cervical vertebra to the waist line;
  • width of the back - measured between two armpits;
  • side length - measured from the armpit to the waistline;
  • shoulder length - measured from the base of the neck to the shoulder joint;
  • sleeve length - measured with the arm slightly bent at the elbow from the articulation of the shoulder with the arm through the elbow to the wrist;
  • arm circumference - measured around the arm in the armpit area;
  • product length - measured from the 7th cervical vertebra in the middle of the back to the desired length.


You have chosen and purchased the necessary material for your future coat. Now you have to choose the style that you prefer. In order to learn how to sew a coat with your own hands so that it suits you best, you can go shopping, try on different coats and see what exactly you want to sew for yourself.

On the site you will find options for patterns for every taste from any fabric and any shape. Consider the option of one pattern. I chose . The patterns themselves are presented in * dfx format. The program for viewing pictures of this format can be downloaded. After downloading directly to the pattern itself, which, by the way, is represented there mainly for women of size 40-52, all you need to do is transfer the patterns to your fabric, cut out all the necessary details and start sewing.

We warm

How to sew a winter coat? It is better to warm the coat with a batting, and not with a padding polyester. Batting warms better, besides in wet weather you do not have the impression that you are in a bath. Coat, filled with batting, will warm you in windy weather, in contrast to artificial insulation.

Sewing the coat itself is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Of course, this requires some skills, but believe me, in a couple of days, sewing will become a habitual occupation for you, and all actions will be performed on the machine. The main thing in this business is to have patience, time, and then everything will work out for you.