How to sew a phone case?

Elena Shchugoreva
Elena Shchugoreva
April 23, 2013
How to sew a phone case?

A lot of cell phone cases are sold in stores, the variety of models is amazing! But they have one common quality, which is not all, but still scares: everyone has such covers! If you want that you had an original and exclusive case, then read how to sew a phone case yourself. If you master this technology, you can sew them a little and change them depending on the color of the clothes, on the mood. It is very much appreciated by fashionistas and simply practical people.

Make a pattern

Measure your cell phone with a soft measuring tape, a hard ruler is not suitable here, because it is difficult to measure a phone with jagged edges. So, we begin to measure from the top edge of the phone, run the tape to the bottom edge, along the bottom narrow side, along the back wall of the phone to the top edge. We do not measure the upper narrow side! It turned out the length of our future patterns. Now we measure the circumference, that is, we take a measurement across the phone, we make a circle with a tape.The resulting measurement is divided by 2, we get the width of the pattern. On thick paper draw a rectangle with the appropriate length and width. We add 3 mm on each side for free fitting. Pattern is ready! That is what it will be if you sew a leather case for your phone. If it is made of fabric, it can be modified depending on the model of the cover that you have invented. You can sew a valve on it, which will close the phone on top, then on the pattern in length you need to do 3-5 cm. You can increase the pattern in length by 2 cm and sew a decorative fastener on top.

We sew from skin

If you have a piece of leather or leatherette, suede, felt, then you can use them. Then, when cutting, it is necessary to add 3-4 mm patterns on each side, because the seams will be exterior and decorative. Need to sew a beautiful thread, preferably synthetic and dense. The seam is done over the edge, stitches at a distance of 1 mm from each other. If you do them smoothly, then there will be a beautiful and even seam.

We sew from fabric

To find out how to sew a phone case, you just need to see the finished product once. You will notice that all the seams are hidden inside. To do this, add when cutting 7 mm, sew along the pattern line, process the seam, unscrew the cover and iron, without pressing the seam line. You can sew a lining to the cover.To do this, we cut out the detail from the smooth fabric, sew it, do not twist it, insert it into the finished outer part and decorate the upper seam with a decorative hand.

Cover jewelery

You can decorate the phone case with everything that you like, but the best thing is not to sew on volumetric materials (beads, key rings, figurines), because when using the case it will cling to everything. You can sew the pattern you like with threads, beads, you can sew beautiful ribbons, pieces of a metal chain, sew “with a needle forward” with colored threads.