How to sew a pillow under your neck?

If you ever went on a long journey or, at least, overcome a long distance, then, for sure, you know how difficult it is. To fall asleep so that, somehow, to pass the time, it does not really work, the head tries to be on the shoulder of a neighbor, which, as you understand, is not so good.

Even if you can fall asleep, you wake up broken and tired: the joints ache, and the neck and head literally “fall off”, because the seats, even in a car, bus or plane, are extremely uncomfortable, not intended for a good and healthy sleep.

In such a situation a special pillow of anatomical shape will come to your aid, which during a long journey allows you to sleep in comfort and rest so that upon arrival at your destination you will feel fresh and cheerful.

Such pillows-rollers are sold everywhere; they exist in various shapes and sizes, colors and purposes: for example, for an adult or for a child, for a nursing mother, and so on.However, it is much nicer when your neck pillow is made with your own hands, because you can make it exactly the way you want it.

In addition, it is very nice to get such a road accessory as a gift: it is rare for anyone to buy it, but to receive it as a gift - by the way! And a fun idea, and a very necessary thing!

How to do?

Such pillows are traditionally made in the form of a horseshoe - perhaps one of the most comfortable and recognized models. However, they are already a bit fed up, especially since they can easily be purchased in stores.

By the way, in the same place you can buy an inflatable pillow - also a very convenient accessory for those who constantly lack space in their bags. But back to our homemade pad, how to do it?

For it, you will need a fabric (it is better to choose natural materials, such as cotton or chintz), a filler that is easy to wash (halofiber, sometimes using ordinary cotton wool). A pattern that you like in shape can be easily found, for example, in the shape of a bone, a horseshoe, a cat or a doggie, which are curled in a ring.

Stencilled pattern is transferred to the fabric, which is folded in half.Carefully cut, and then stitched along the edge, the main thing is not to forget to leave a small hole, where you will fill the filler.

We twist the sewn pillow, fill it, as tightly as possible, with filler (for which you will say thanks to the neck for that) and sew up the hole. Voila! Travel pillow is ready: you can use it for any trips, both by car and plane, and for home relaxation in your favorite chair.

By the way, sometimes, for an additional effect, soothing herbs are sewn inside the cushion, which are beneficial for healthy and sound sleep.

This pad can be sewn for a child, it will be smaller and, of course, brighter colors: attach eyes and ears to it to make an animal, or use a patchwork technique. Such a pillow will not only be a valuable tool of sleep, but also a favorite toy for your baby. Creative success!

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