How to sew a jumpsuit?

Before we sew a jumpsuit with our own hands, let's see a little where this garment came from in the fashion world and what it represents.

Jumpsuit is called the upper and lower parts of clothing, which are combined, that is, joined together. Overalls can be made of one or more fabrics. There is a lot of kinds: trouser, festive, working, with sleeves and without. Women's jumpsuits hit the fashion world straight from the men's wardrobe. After all, at first they were worn exclusively by men. For several decades, women's overalls are at the peak of fashion. They are very comfortable, and you can wear them anywhere, you only need a suitable style. Light overalls are the perfect solution for a picnic, and sewn from more expensive fabrics will look great at a party. Since it is not difficult to sew a jumpsuit on your own, you can make it exclusive and unusual. It all depends on your imagination.

Overalls are elongated and shortened, the type must be chosen in accordance with their figure. Slender girls fit fitted overalls.Fully fit slimming visually elongated model. Overalls with shorts are best for tall girls. Denim overalls from various denim fabrics also do not go out of fashion.

Further it will be simply and step by step explained how to sew a summer jumpsuit.

Bottom styling

  • Here it is shown how on the pattern of the front half of women's trousers you need to postpone 5 cm down the waistline.Bottom styling
    Line draw as shown in the pattern number 1.
  • Detail cut off the red dotted line shown in the pattern number 2.
    Simulation of the bottom of the suit
    Then cut along the lines of tuck, glue.
  • From the lowest point of the line of the bow we will lay at a right angle 10 cm down, as you see on pattern No. 1.
  • Draw the bottom line of shorts as it was done on pattern No. 1. From the line of the side you need to lower the perpendicular to the line. The pattern of the back half of the bottom of the jumpsuit is also modeled.
  • We continue the modeling of the front half of the short: put it 14 cm from the line of the side down and put it 3 cm to the left, forming a flank of the pocket, as in pattern 2.
  • We draw a burlap pocket
  • Cut along the line the front half of the shorts, as shown in the pattern number 2.
  • and move each side apart by 3 cm.
  • Round the bottom of the front of the short.
  • Burlap pockets and flank we will retake on tracing paper
  • One more time, let's rewrite the burlap pocket
  • Cut a flank along the line

We cut out the main fabric: 2 details of the back halves of the shorts, 2 details of the front halves of the shorts without a barrel, 2 details of the barrel of a single cut with a sack pocket, 1 stitched detail - a belt of the back half of shorts with a fold, 1 stitched detail-belt of the anterior half of shorts with a fold.

From lining fabric we will cut out 2 details of the burlap pocket.

Top Modeling

The pattern of women's overalls shows in detail how to model the upper part:

  • We extend the top of the jumpsuit from the waist by 4 cm (pattern No. 2).
  • Next, we model as in this pattern:
    Modeling the top of the jumpsuit
  • On a side we will louse a secret fastener - a lightning.

We cut out from the main fabric one detail in front of the upper half of the overalls and one detail of the back of the upper half of the overalls. Two strips of fabric 90 cm long and 20 cm wide are cut out additionally for the bow.

Now you know how to sew women's coveralls, which will be easy and comfortable.