How to speed up the download?

Today it is hardly trivial to watch movies without first downloading it. Of course, there are a lot of links to downloading movies, but not all of them can give the right result. Some of them are presented in the form of paid archives, which will become available only in case of a valid password. His receipt entails the cost of additional funds from your side. Also, there are often cases when, when downloading movies on the site, you are asked to enter a phone number, with further sending SMS. Sometimes a movie can be placed on a free file sharing service, however, it can also be detailed in several parts due to the limited limit on the size of the stored files on the hosting.

All this is painfully familiar to the modern Internet user. However, it is precisely because of these limitations that downloading via torrent clients has become very popular. Many people actively use such programs, but it is this part of the users who is tirelessly seeking to increase the download speed through the torrent to the best of the tariff plan of their Internet provider.Note that through the torrent today you can download not only movies, but also a lot of programs, video lessons and other useful things, the size of which can exceed 1GB. The speed of downloading such files is very important, so many are interested in the question: how to speed up the torrent download and is it possible to do it at all? We can say with confidence that this speed can be maximized only within the capabilities of your Internet channel.

Increase file upload speed

Before you speed up the download, we recommend that you first consider the process of downloading files through a torrent. The system of torrents itself, first of all, consists of a special intermediary site that will distribute content, otherwise it is also called a torrent tracker. The torrent uploading people complement this torrent system. This system will work only if the distribution, for example, of a movie on the tracker, was properly framed. This distribution will be able to download every Internet user.

Today it has become clear that even in the case of a fast Internet connection, the speed of downloading a file through a torrent may not always be high.There are quite a few recommendations to speed up the process of downloading files via torrent, but we will pay attention to the most influential factors.

  • In order to work correctly and successfully with trekkers you will first need to download a program called a torrent client. Today there are a lot of them, but the most popular of them is the uTorrent (uTorrent) and Vuze (Azureus). Most people use the first option today, so we�ll stop looking at this particular torrent client, since it has a simpler and more intuitive interface.
  • Automatic torrent client setup will not allow you to download files at maximum speed. Therefore, after installing the uTorrent program, you will need to change several of its settings.
  • Before speeding up a torrent download, launch a torrent and press the key combination Ctrl + G. A dialog box prompts you to run the test. Click this button.
  • Based on the processed results, the program will be configured in such a way that part of the bandwidth of the Internet channel will be left to the user. This will be good only if the download does not interfere with the use of the Internet in parallel, but in the general case it is this setting that reduces the download speed of the file.Accordingly, if you want to maximize the download speed as much as possible, then in the "Upload Rate" select "Unlimited".
  • Next, you will need to go to the general settings (Ctrl + P) and follow the �Speed� item. At this point, remove the checkmarks from all restrictions, set the speed to "Unlimited".
  • The number of connections must be set no higher than the number.
  • Go to the �BitTorrent� section, where you need to uncheck speed control and limit local peers. You can also disable Scrape.

These settings will generally be able to increase the speed of downloading files by 10%, but you should not count on more, since your speed generally depends on the Internet channel you use.