How do you spell "just"?

Kristina Firsova
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How do you spell "just"?

"Just" is often used as a particle or adverb, it is always written separately, it has several meanings.

For example:

  • "Just in height";
  • "This is just me" (size specification);
  • "I just need it today" (exactly what is meant).

The adverb �just� has the words-synonyms: �exactly�, �exactly�, �now�, �immediately�. According to the adverb, you can express the assessment: "not at all heavy, just for me." You can also express the fear: "another word, and just before the fight comes." "Just" can be a particle in the proposal to play the role of a predicate: "The most favorable weather is just for planting tulips when the sun is warm and warm." Now you know how to spell "just" and how it is used in speech.