How to start a correspondence?

Yes, the problem is not simple. You sit, look at his or her photos on social networks, like ... But how to start a correspondence? What can I say, so as not to push away, to interest, to like in the end. We will not smear the topic, sharing how to start a correspondence with a guy, like a girl, like a man, like a woman. Just try to see the basic options for starting a conversation with a stranger.

Correspondence: motives

In general, start with why you are writing to this person, that is, find out your motives. You will need to focus on them in the future, it depends on what and how you write. To make it easier for you to start, we will offer the most frequent motives that encourage people to write to strangers:

  1. You liked the person in the photo, and you want a closer acquaintance (by the way, find out here too, whether you want to make a friend or maybe even think about starting a relationship);
  2. You just got bored and you want to brighten up the pastime;
  3. You wish to show yourself, so to speak, to boast of yourself for self-affirmation;
  4. Your motive is to make useful contacts, contacts in a particular area or environment.

Where to begin

So, based on the motives suggested by us, we will try to consistently see how to start a correspondence with a girl or a guy on a social network.

Motive - sympathy

Perhaps the most frequent motive. It is logical that your goal is to please too.

  1. Since you can start correspondence in contact, for example, you can not only personal message, then this can be used. Comment on any photo of the person, the original comment. Although, to be honest, if you are interesting to a person, then a simple comment on a photo, for example, his summer residence, such as: "how beautiful!" If you are not so interesting, then even the most original comment is more likely to be ignored. But there are always exceptions! In the end, a person may simply not notice your writings. So, after waiting time, proceed further.
  2. Banalism. Write simply: "Hello, no, we are not familiar, I just wanted to say hello to you." Focus on the personality - "with you." And then how it goes.
  3. You can start a correspondence with a compliment. For the most part, this is the lot of young people, but a girl can afford it.The main thing here is sincerity (be honest with yourself even before you), write compliments if you really want to do it.
  4. You can pretend to be wrong. A full namesake of your classmate (s), well, confused, who does not happen. Perhaps the conversation will start.
  5. Write that you know the face, could you meet somewhere. You really remember my pretty face.
  6. On the Internet, you can find funny phrases, such as: "but on earth, what, are there angels?", Hinting that she is an angel (rather, it’s about how to start a conversation with a girl). Although surely for the guys, too, there is this kind of "frazochki".

The rule that should be followed: do not try to sharply reduce the distance, it scares and repels (both boys and girls). Start acquaintance gradually, with abstract topics.

Here the main thing to rely on its main goal. You should like a man. So, build the whole conversation in such a way that he (she) is pleasing to you. After all, there is such a phenomenon in psychology: we like those who like us. So show your sympathy.

Motive - Boredom

Well, here you can start with anything. Your goal is to brighten up loneliness and get rid of boredom.

  1. You can just start like this: “hello, I am writing because I am sad (we press for pity). I thought (a) this can be corrected by talking with a nice person”.
  2. You can come up with a topic, absolutely any, and offer to discuss it. Well, if you write questions, because a person will be easier to answer. And then, if the conversation is fastened, then he will start asking. The main thing is not to forget that you write, just do not skip to talk only about yourself, be sure to also ask about the person.

Motive - self-affirmation

Actually, you probably already caught the essence of our presentation. The goal is to increase your own self-esteem.

Put your favorite photo on the avatar and show off.

Start a conversation in one of the ways and then unwind yourself, only in moderation! Overly proud, as a rule, do not really favor.

Motive - benefit, benefit

You have found a person in a field that is useful for you. Your goal is to show interest.

Start a conversation in the subject area of ​​your interest. There will be two parallel lines of conversation: you need to interest the person yourself (i.e., to like him, as above) and show your interest in the "business".No need to start from afar, you need to immediately show that you are interested in "the opportunity to join the club," "do something and so on." Make a person an expert, ask, show him that he is smart (admire).