How to start a diet in 2017

Find the beliefs that you have taken from someone significant and authoritative. Beliefs about food, which over time you made your own and even implement them in the heads of your children. Remember all these “a person cannot do without meat”, “everything that lies on a plate needs to be eaten”, “it’s not tasty without salt, it’s not satisfying without bread”, “sweet is tasty, it’s a reward” and others. Try to also remember from whom you "hooked" these beliefs and whether those who gave them to you suffered from overweight.
Work with these beliefs hostile to your figure. Write them out, consider, recognize their harm, daily inflicted on your body. For example, the habit of eating up everything that lies on the plate when you are already full.
Having neutralized at least partially the “viruses” that prevent you from eating normally and looking good, start creating motivation. In principle, any, but specific, will do: fashionable dress for a couple of sizes smaller than current clothes, the attention of a loved one or the return of sexual relations with a husband, good health and toned hips, and so on.The motivation for “losing weight by 10 kg” is an unfortunate stimulus that is unlikely to program you to follow a quality diet.
Choose yourselfdiet. The benefit of their range today is so great that people with any taste preferences can find something suitable. The only "but" - you should not start with hard diets, scaring the body and causing him to suffer severely from radical changes in the menu.
Make a menu for a few days and purchase products that you will need for cooking. Along the way, review the contents of the refrigerator, not trying, however, in the end he will eat everything that you cannot become from tomorrow. Feed the fatty steaks to the neighbor's cat, fried chicken and Russian salad - the neighbor. If you look in the fridge and you don’t find any harmful products there, it’s unlikely that you will go to the nearest store and, therefore, avoid the danger of disruptingdiet.
Play sports. Let it be at least 15 minutes bodyflex. But certainly 2 times a day and certainly one of them - in the evening. After exercise, there is usually no desire. And there and until the moment when it is necessary to go to bed, very close.
Cook for yourself with love.Learn the beneficial properties of the foods you are about to eat. This will allow you to feel not anxiety, but gratitude to yourself for taking care of your body.