How to start the car without a key?

Many probably at least once, but lost the keys to your favorite car. And most likely the second set of keys was not at hand, moreover, it was necessary not only to get into the car, but also to start it. For those motorists who want to know how to start a car without a key, there are quite simple tips from experienced craftsmen. More precisely, simple advice is one, but there are several actions that need to be done. Let's describe them.

First way

The first step is to identify the screws that fix the panel that covers the steering column. Then unscrew all screws with a screwdriver and remove the panel, lifting it up. Now you should see the ignition key. Here you need to remove mounts connecting the steering column and the ignition key, which will lead to unlocking the steering wheel. Then we unscrew the screws that hold together the electrical part with the wiring with the mechanical part of the ignition key. Now it remains only to insert a screwdriver into the key hole and turn it in the same direction as if you were turning the key itself. That's all, the car should now start.If you have difficulties (although it should not), you can try another way.

Second way

So, you have reached the ignition lock (see the previous chapter). Now you have a bundle of wires that are connected to the ignition lock. Very well, if you have a special device - multitester, but this is ideal. If there is no multitester, then a simple light bulb from a flashlight will do. We should have 3 groups of contacts: wires that supply power from the battery, then wires that supply power to the car when connected to battery cables, and finally wires that supply power to the starter when connected to battery cables. In most cases, it turns out that in the 1st and 3rd groups there is only one wire. In order to start the engine, you first need to connect the wires of the first group with the second group, and they must be connected securely, because if they suddenly disconnect when moving, the engine will immediately stop. After that, we close the 3rd group with the first and second already connected, and we close it in the same way we used to do with the key.After that, we hide the wires, wrapping them with tape, because when the engine is running, there is no need to even try to rotate the starter, as this will be the best way to break it. Check it is not difficult, but it is undesirable - just enough to close the starter with the connection of the 1st and 2nd groups, and you will hear how it starts to tear. To drown out the engine, you just need to disconnect the first and second groups of wires. So, we figured out how to start the car with a multitester or a flashlight and learned how to start the car with a screwdriver. Now about how to start the car with a pusher.

We start the car with a pusher

This helps in cases where the car battery is discharged. This will also require the help of one more, and preferably two people. Get behind the wheel and install a neutral gear. Now turn the ignition key and gradually accelerate. Then squeeze the clutch and engage the second gear without releasing the clutch. Now wait for the car to pick up a small speed and release the clutch pedal as smoothly as possible and at the same time slightly press the gas pedal.There should be a light push, and then the engine itself will start. Now again squeeze the clutch, and then press the brake, stopping the machine. But how to start the car with a pusher yourself? Turn on the neutral switch and turn the ignition key. Next, get out of the car and, opening the driver's door, start pushing the car while driving. Only for this you need a small slope of the road. When the speed of the car reaches about 10 - 12 km / h, jump into the seat and, squeezing the clutch, engage the second gear. Then, slightly pressing the gas pedal with your foot, take your foot off the clutch. With this method, be careful not to knock down pedestrians or not to meet other cars passing by.