How to paste rhinestones?

Alena Mikhailova
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How to paste rhinestones?

Any woman who dreams of well-groomed hands, and in order to give them charm and beauty, you just need to make a neat manicure. Modern nail industry offers a variety of solutions. For example, you can supplement your manicure with various decorations. From our article you can learn how to stick rhinestones on the nails.

Choose rhinestones for nails

Rhinestones are shiny pebbles of various sizes; most often, glue is required to attach them, but some can be applied directly to the varnish.

Rhinestones are made of various materials - glass, crystal, plastic. Their size and shape are also different, so you need to choose jewelry for nails, based on the picture or pattern that you want to do. Due to the variety of rhinestones, you can create a true work of art.

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How to properly paste the rhinestones on the nails

Once you have decided on the composition, which will be placed on the nails, you can begin to implement it.

  1. Cover your nails with two layers of varnish of the required shade. Wait until the product is completely dry. Apply the pattern on the nail plate, if one was conceived.
  2. To glue the rhinestones, you will need to take a clear varnish or glue and leave a few droplets on the nail with a brush, which should repeat the pattern outlined earlier.
  3. Put a rhinestone on each drop. Take the tweezers, correct the rhinestones, as required by the drawing, and lightly press the decoration to the nail.
  4. Wait for the glue or varnish to dry. After that, you can wash your hands with cold water so that the rhinestones are finally fixed on the manicure. That's all, your manicure from rhinestones is ready! Experiment and try unusual solutions, and your hands will not go unnoticed.