How to stop nervous?

Most people are prone to the usual way of life, its calm flow, without surprises and special obstacles. Any, even a minor violation of the established order, we often perceive with hostility, mental equilibrium is disturbed, we resist, worry, strain - we are nervous.

When strangled problems ...

How to stop nervous? The question is very relevant, because nervous breakdowns and stresses cause serious illnesses and simply prevent the person, his relatives, and his environment from living. Here are some tips to help you avoid constant anxiety ...

  1. Positive attitude. You should give yourself a positive attitude and learn to believe in it. Only the man himself is able to do this. Belief in good, kind, calm - will surely bear fruit, energize and optimism.
  2. Pets. Communication with your beloved pet raises responsibility and gives a lot of pleasure, which has a beneficial effect on the mental state of a person.
  3. Regular physical exertion, which relieves fatigue, maintains the tone of the body, strengthens the nervous system.
  4. Full nutrition.Limiting your diet, depriving the body of some vitamins or nutrients, a person becomes irritable, often becomes locked up, angry, nervous. Eating right, we relieve ourselves from a huge number of physical and spiritual problems.
  5. Live today, now, this minute. There is no sense in endlessly experiencing past mistakes or difficulties, because they have already sunk into oblivion. Nothing can be fixed retroactively, but, having gained experience and wisdom, try not to make the same flaws in the present day and do the right thing that once was mistaken. And it will be good!
  6. Find your own business. It is very important! What really fascinates will surely lead you into the world of pleasure, joy, interest. And there will be no place for meaningless anxieties, stresses and contrived fears.
  7. Vivifying properties of water. People knew about extraordinary, even “magical” forces hidden in water from ancient times. Everything, from doctors to traditional healers, used and used water to heal ailments - physical and mental. And you can just sit at a natural source, on the shore of a lake or river, or, if possible, listen to the sound of the surf.And alarms will recede, and doubts will leave, and the mood will rise. Try it!

How to stop nervous over trifles

There are people who don’t even need a reason for frustration, nervous distress or fear. They find them themselves! Something can always be found: non-existent guilt, false responsibility, useless duty, contrived fear, abandoned by someone a negative remark.

  • Such people should learn to treat themselves well. Love YOURSELF! If not us, then who? One must be able to forgive oneself even if one has committed a mistake. A person, always dissatisfied with himself, does not give himself any chance, he simply betrays himself. And so this should not be done!
  • Learn to rely on your strengths, not to take on unbearable obligations or someone else's guilt, not to try to please everyone, not to listen without fail to the opinions of everyone. Loving yourself, you have to be yourself and stay - this causes respect of others and increases your own self-esteem.
  • The correct scale of values ​​and priorities is also very important. It is necessary to distinguish trifles from serious questions. In the second case, you may need your help, care and excitement, and in the first case - they are not necessary.
  • Change your view on the situation.Understanding that excitement and nerves are trivial, change the reaction to an event. And how can nervousness help? Only your nerve cells ruin.
  • Take your time to please the frantic speeds of our century. Unjustified fussiness and speed (just to keep up!) - will inevitably lead to neurosis and depression. Life must be enjoyed, and not run it, so as not to be late somewhere!

Recommendations of psychologists

  1. Compare the problem that caused the nervousness, with a really serious situation. The difference will immediately become apparent.
  2. Find yourself a relaxation session (music, walk, book, game) for at least 20-30 minutes a day.
  3. Be sure to spend the night sleep at least 8 hours. Or relax a few hours a day.
  4. There are various relaxation techniques that are not bad to master. Among them - breathing exercises, counting to ten, yoga or sports ...
  5. Learn to notice the good things in life: walk, admire nature, enjoy the rain and snow, the sun and the wind. Become happy and the world around you will change!