How to store callas?

Julia Agafonova
Julia Agafonova
November 11, 2014
How to store callas?

Callas, like other tuberous plants, are perennial, the bulbs of which are more appropriate to dig up and store in the appropriate place during the dormant period. For your flowers to please you every year with their flowers, the storage of callas must be correct. About this in today's material.

To keep the calla tubers whole and intact, we suggest you go through all the stages of their proper storage. On the stages of preservation of tulips and lilies in winter, read the material How to Store Tulips and How to Store Lilies.

How to store callas in winter

  1. At the end of September dig up the calla tubers from the front garden with the land grabbing so as not to damage the root system.
  2. Shake the tubers off the ground. In no case do not shoot down the roots, they will soon fall away.
  3. When the tubers are left in a dry place (box) for two or three weeks, they should be cleaned from leaves and dead roots. If an adult tuber has small children, it is not necessary to tear them off, let them winter together. You can disconnect 2-3-year-old tuber kids.If you separate too young children from an adult tuber, the flower will bloom badly and with a small number of buds.
  4. After you need to tuck the tubers with ash or activated carbon. It is also not bad in places of separation of the tuber from the children to lubricate the areas with green paint.
  5. Now wrap each tuber in a napkin and put it in a box, box or paper bag.
  6. Store calla tubers in a dry, dark place, for example, in a cellar or in a refrigerator drawer.