How to store a photo?

November 4, 2014
How to store a photo?

Photos help to keep valuable moments of our life. Digital photos can be stored on special media, while paper photographs require special care. How to store photos - you will learn from our article.

How to store paper photos

  • Use special albums to store photos. Choose albums that are made entirely from cellulose;
  • When placing a photo in an album, remove foreign objects from it - clips, stickers, etc .;
  • If you want to sign a photo, then put the picture on a flat surface and make the inscription a marker or a pencil;
  • If you do not want to store your photos in an album, then an archive box for storing photos can be an alternative. This box is made of special paper that will protect your photos from exposure to sunlight and dust;
  • We recommend scanning images that are especially expensive for you. Having lost or damaged a photo, you can always make a new one thanks to a digital copy;
  • Store albums or boxes with photos in places with low humidity and without temperature drops.Ensure that photo storage devices are not affected by sunlight;
  • It is not recommended to store photos in such areas as the attic, basement or garage.

Draw ideas for the original design of images from the article How to make photos.

How to store digital photos

The most reliable way to store digital images is photo hosting (for example,, etc.).

Each site has its own structure, but the procedure for uploading photos is almost the same everywhere: you must click the "Browse" button, upload the necessary photos and save them on the portal. With the help of these hosting sites, you can create entire photo albums.