How to store potatoes?

You do not know what are the ways to keep potatoes safe and, in general, how to properly store potatoes? This is the question that is asked by the people who stock up this vegetable for the winter. After all, quite often, having bought it for the future, after a while you will notice how its depths begin to deteriorate.

Basic rules for proper storage of potatoes

Before you put the potatoes in tara, it must be carefully bruised and dried. To do this, lay out the tubers in bulk and leave for a day. In this case, you need to do so that direct sunlight does not fall on them. Otherwise, green spots will immediately appear on the vegetables. This rule should be observed not only for imported potatoes from your plot, it is also relevant for the purchased one. Indeed, among it may also come across injured or diseased tubers. If they are not immediately removed, the rest of the vegetables will be under the threat of disease or rot. That is why the storage should be selected only whole tubers, not damaged by diseases or insects, the bad ones should be removed immediately.

After all the potatoes have been moved, it will be possible to think about the packaging in which they will be stored.Double paper bags are perfect for this, they are durable and allow you to keep fresh root vegetables for a long time. Wooden boxes and plastic containers are also great, they can be purchased even in large sizes. But before you put the tubers in them, it is advisable to lightly sprinkle them with chalk. Such a measure will additionally dry the potatoes and be able to prevent the processes of decay. After which it can be safely laid out.

The optimal place and temperature of storage of potatoes

In addition, in order for this type of vegetable to remain fresh and useful as long as possible, it is extremely important to know at what temperature to store the potatoes. With subzero or too high temperatures, this root crop deteriorates very quickly, and also loses its taste. Therefore, the optimum mode varies between two and five degrees of heat.

As for the choice of a place to store it, then an insulated balcony or a freezing cellar, in which even during the cold season the temperature will not drop to minus, will be an ideal option.And if you have a free room, then you can place the roots in it. But before storing potatoes in such a place, it should be prepared. First, it is recommended to dry and ventilate the room, always in dry and warm weather. To avoid mold and various bacteria, it will be necessary to whiten the room with a solution of quicklime. Also in advance you need to take care that the room was ventilated. Humidity in it should be no more than 80-90%.

It is important to note that after you put the potatoes in storage, it will need to be periodically picked up, because it can germinate. Especially often this happens during the thaw and spring. If you miss this moment, then the tubers because of the germs will become unfit for food, and you will lose your reserves.

Potato shelf life

Each housewife is tormented by the question, how much can you store potatoes? So, if this root crop was kept according to all the rules, then it can be stored until June, and sometimes until the beginning of a new crop. But it should be remembered that over time, the amount of vitamins in this vegetable decreases, and the nutritional value drops significantly.Therefore, it makes sense not to collect a lot of potatoes in reserve, and buy fresh as soon as the new crop goes.

By following this recommendation, you can successfully store potatoes in the winter. Moreover, the tubers will remain fresh until the beginning of the new harvest.