How to switch attention in 2018

Take tests that determine the degree of concentration and the level of distribution of your attention. Usually they are tables with numbers of different colors or pictures that need to be grouped in a specific order or found in a limited time. Find out the results. If the results are not very impressive, practice before taking another series of similar tests. But even in the event that you have exceeded the highest expectations on the basis of your assignments, you should not stop there.
Switching attention directly related to the ability to distribute it in accordance with the task. It is also known that the body begins to protest if a person for a long time thinks only about something negative or problematic. In order not to depress your body, try, during the solution of some tasks, to switch for a short time to the thought of good.
As soon as you feel that your consciousness is overshadowed by thoughts about something unpleasant, imagine all the problems in a different light. Think about how some hero of a cartoon or comedy would decide them.Or, if you cannot express all your imagination at the moment, think about the children, your hobby, an interesting film. In general, about all that causes you positive emotions.
If you are engaged in mental work, it is useful to take a break from work at least once a hour for at least 5 minutes and do some physical exercises, exercise for the eyes or just breathe fresh air by standing at the window. You yourself will notice that it seems as if the strength and necessary concentration have returned to you. Refusal of such "five minutes" can lead to a deterioration of memory, attention and quick fatigue, which is not the best impact on affairs.
Focus on business does not always require complete silence. On the contrary, quiet music, the noise outside the window contributes to the concentration of attention, which from time to time “switches” on its own, for example, if you have heard some kind of harsh sound or a beautiful musical passage.
To be “like Julius Caesar,” which, according to legend, could do several things at once, it’s enough to practice by simple exercise. Try writing your left and right hand at the same time first, for example.numbers in order, and then - through one or in reverse order. Practice like a few minutes, simultaneously noting the number of errors. Then do something else, and after 5-10 minutes, try this exercise again. Alternate exercises and other activities for an hour. You will notice that each time the number of errors decreases. From time to time, train in such a way as to learn how to distribute attention and switch from one activity to another.