How to switch the transmission speed in 2018

Provided that you use a download manager, for example, Download Master, to download files, you can fix the download speed in the settings. In the main window of the program you need to click the item "Action". Then find the term "Speed." A new list will open, which will consist of five versions. Enable the �Adjustable� setting. If everything is done correctly, you will see a slider in the bottom line of the download manager. Move it to adjust the speed to the desired value.
�Torrent is a torrent client, in it it is possible to switch both the reception speed and the data upload speed. In all, the default speed setting is �Unlimited�, which means you can reduce the speed to the desired value. This feature is available for individual files and for the default installation. To switch the transmission / reception speed of a specific file, you need to select it from the list of torrents on the left.Right-click to bring up the context menu. In it, find the parameter �Speed Priority�, then �Limit download speed� (�Limit upload speed�). A new menu will appear, there you need to put the required value. The first time the minimum speed of 25 KB / s, if you come the second time - the lower threshold of speed will be less. The minimum speed is 1 KB / s.
The default speed value is changed in the general settings. Click �Setup� in the �Torrent menu, then the �Configuration� line. Alternatively, the key combination Ctrl + P. Select the "Speed" option. In the column to the right, there will be two lines in which you can set the desired value, these are �General limit on upload speed� and �General limit on receive speed� Set the desired speed in kB / s in the required window.
NetLimiter is a very easy-to-use program. Available for a trial period of 28 days. You can download it from the official website of the manufacturer. Install, then click on the program icon, then click "Open". Set the type of connection speed detection, for example, KB or Mbps. In the "Download speed" enter the desired speed.
There is a free program Traffic Shaper XP. Developer - Bandwidth Controller. From their website you can download the program, then install it on your computer. Run the program - you will see a window with the text �Welcome to the Network Setup Wizard�. Click "Next" / "Download speed" / "Download speed", enter the desired value, click "Next". After you need to select the type of network connection (as a rule, it is �Local Network�), click �Next� and �Finish�.