How to tell children about sex

Conversation with the baby

At the age of 3-5 years, children begin to ask the first questions about how they appeared. From this point on, parents somehow have to touch on the topic of sex. Children should be prepared to talk about physical proximity from an early age, but information should be conveyed to the child in the amount and form that he can perceive. For example, it is enough for a three-year-old baby to know that children come from a great love between dad and mom. If the child will ask additional questions, tell us about the seed that the man plants in the woman. This is usually enough for children under 5 years old.

Features of men and women

By age 7, many children know the word "sex." The child hears it from the TV, from classmates or older friends. However, the meaning of the word for most children remains incomprehensible. A modern child has many ways to get information about sex, but the quality of this information may be different. If you do not want your child to learn unnecessary, “dirty” information about the intimate sphere of life, tell him about sex yourself in a form appropriate for his age.Children 7-8 years old can show children's books and encyclopedias, which describes the structure of a man and a woman, and also describes how the conception of a child occurs.

Do not be shy

Focus on the moral and emotional component of sex. The child must understand that intimacy is a part of life between two loving people. Sex leads to the birth of children, so intercourse imposes responsibility on the man and the woman.
The perception of the child of the first information about sex depends largely on how her parents present it. A calm and confidential conversation on this topic will help the child to form a proper attitude towards sex issues. Children should not feel embarrassed so that this topic does not seem to them taboo.

Warn of the consequences

In early adolescence, a child can hardly come to ask parents about sex, because you can find out everything on the Internet. Therefore, moms and dads should raise this topic on their own initiative. Modern adolescents begin to have sex fairly early, so you should tell in advance about unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, as well as contraceptive methods.
It is desirable that the father talk with the son, and the mother talk with the daughter.So parents and children will not feel overly awkward. Tell your child that he can ask you any question about the relationship between men and women, and you will always be ready to help him.