How to tie mormyshku?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
March 5, 2013
How to tie mormyshku?

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How to tie mormyshku?

Many fishermen who are fond of winter fishing, ask how to tie mormyshku. Of course, it is not difficult to learn this skill. But, after reading these recommendations and taking advantage of them, you can significantly speed up the process.

You can tie mormyshki different ways. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. We will examine two ways how to properly tie up the mormyshk, considered to be the most effective and simple.

Method one

  • It is necessary to pass the line through the hole, which is located in the body of the jig above.
  • Tie the most common knot.
  • Wrap around the mormyshka line, three or four times.
  • The line must be moistened.
  • Next, you need to tighten the loop and put it on the hook.
  • Now you should tighten the knot stronger.
  • Mormyshka already tied. The method, as you yourself could see, is quite simple. Taking advantage of them, even a novice can handle this task.

Second way

  • It is necessary to skip the line through the hole located in the body of the jig, as described above.
  • To form a loop along the base of the hook.
  • Wrap the free end of the fishing line 5-7 times around the base of the hook and loop.
  • Thread the free end of the fishing line through the loop hole. And, before tightening the knot, wet the line in the place where it will be in the future.
  • Carefully and evenly tighten the line.
  • Now the fishing line and the jig is one.


The advantages of these ways how to tie up the jig are obvious. This can be done right on the fishing in any weather. But there are drawbacks.

  • A large load occurs on the node. Because of this, in the place of tying the knot is lost strength.
  • The second disadvantage is that there is a danger that the fishing line will grind on the pointed edge of the mouth holes, which are made of tungsten.

We told you how to tie a mormyshka. Videos with this process can be found on the Internet.