How to tie up tomatoes

Garter tomato in open ground is very important and has a lot of advantages. First, tied up tomatoes are much easier to water, weed and feed. Secondly, tied up tomatoes are dried much faster after rains and are ventilated, and this significantly reduces the risk of disease. Well, and, thirdly, such tomatoes will be much better heated by the sun, and therefore will ripen faster.

For garters there is oneimmutable rule:no need to tie up the plant with thin materials such as wire, fishing line, thin rope. These materials can damage the stem and cut into it, and bacteria and pests that cause plant diseases easily penetrate the affected areas.

Use betternylon material, such as stockings or pantyhose. Even well-cut shreds of cotton products such as a sheet, duvet cover, pillowcase are also good. The fabric should not be very old, so as not to be rotten during the growth of culture.No need to use the material twice (since last year), since bacteria and pathogens can remain in it. The garter itself should not be very dense, the material should hold the stem, but not dig into it.

Garter beltsafer and easiest to produce to pegs.To do this, use wooden (it can be long branches, sticks or even window beadings) or metal rods (more often reinforcement). Put a peg next to a bush at a distance of 5-7 centimeters. You need to tie the top. To do this, we wrap the stem with a rope and put the ends crosswise, and then we tie a knot in the peg. Thus, the resulting garter should have the appearance of "eight". Many prefer another way to later move the rope with the growth of the plant, but it is better to make a new garter taller. So you reduce the risk of damage to the stem.

With mass landingsyou must use the trellis:stretch the wire between two pillars and impose ropes over each bush. Its other ends bind to the stalks of tomatoes. With this method, additional garter is not required, it will be enough to twist around the stem of the crop around the rope as it grows.

Tying your tomatoes you can be sure that they will not fall in strong winds and will not break under the weight of the fruit.