How to transfer text to your phone

You will need
  • - Bluetooth adapter; - USB-cable; - IR device; - CD with software; - access to the Internet; - program for reading electronic texts.
You can transfer text from your computer to your phone via a Bluetooth device. To do this, buy a Bluetooth adapter to provide a wireless connection between the mobile phone and the computer. With the adapter, a disc should be sold that contains software that will need to be installed on your computer. Once you install it, select the Bluetooth mode on your phone and transfer the text from the computer to the phone. It's easy to do, just follow the prompts.
Use the USB cable to connect the phone to the computer. Usually, when buying a new mobile phone, it comes with a disc on which software is recorded. If you do not have such a cord, look for it in specialized stores, taking into account your particular phone model. The software can also be downloaded on the Internet.After installing it, you can send text files to your phone using a special program.
If your phone has an infrared port, purchase a special infrared device. It allows you to transfer files from computer to mobile phone and back via infrared. Depending on its type, connect the infrared device to the USB or COM connector of your computer. Then install the software from the supplied disc. It can also be downloaded on the Internet. Make certain infrared settings on your phone and connect it to a computer. To transfer files, follow the prompts of the program.
Note that not all phones have the option of reading electronic texts. If your mobile device also lacks this feature, download a special program from the Internet.
Helpful advice
Keep in mind that connecting a phone to a computer via Wi-Fi does not give access to files and folders stored on PC hard disks. But it establishes a connection between the mobile phone and the Internet through a computer.