How to treat chlamydia

It is necessary to treat chlamydia with the help of a number of complex drugs that suppress the infection in the body. After the course of treatment, it is necessary to pass repeated tests to identify chlamydia. Treatment for this disease is necessary for both partners.
Before you begin to treat chlamydia, you should abandon the foam with natural fragrances, toilet paper with aromatic fragrance. The most acceptable natural soap with aloe plant. Nylon underwear and tights should be replaced with cotton ones, since nylon retains moisture, which contributes to the reproduction of microorganisms and viruses.
Drinking plenty of liquids is a must for this kind of problem. Reduce sugar intake in all forms until the condition is normal. Completely exclude juices, pastries and sweets. On the day, you can eat a couple of pieces of fruit characteristic of the current season. Yeast bread contributes to the development of infections, so it is worth refraining from its consumption.
Folk prescriptions for treatment of chlamydia can not be completely cured of this disease, but herbal tinctures will help hold the body, increase immunity.
Tinctures. Take equal parts of dry grass horsetail, the fruit of juniper. 1 tablespoon of the mixture pour 250 g of boiling water and insist in a closed container for 0.5 hours. Then you need to strain and drink 1 tablespoon three times a day.
Take one part of the leaves of birch, horsetail grass, brew with boiling water and insist for one hour. Take 100 grams three times a day.
Garlic is advised as an antiparasitic agent in the treatment of such diseases. You can douche garlic infusion, make tampons soaked in garlic water. Prepare the tincture according to this recipe: rub the middle head of garlic on a fine grater, pour a glass of cold water and leave to infuse overnight. In the morning, strain and use as directed.