How to treat hair

You will need
  • burdock oil, infusions of herbs, roots, leaves, tansy, honey, liquid soap, onions, mummy, regenerating masks
Eliminate dandruff will help burdock oil. To do this, heat it up and apply onhairone hour before washing. A great effect has a lime color. It is added to the water, which rinsed his head.
Prepare an infusion of nettle leaves, grass, horsetail, rhizomes and burdock roots, hop cones, yarrow herb. For one tablespoon of an equal amount of components take one cup of boiling water.
Undoubted benefit for hair has tansy. Mash its stem and petals. Brew in boiling water. After an hour and a half strain. If rinsed regularlyhairthis infusion, the result is not long in coming.
To restore hair, use hot oil - bath. Oil is great for dry, brittle and normal hair. Apply it before washing on dryhair. Wrap your head with a towel or plastic.This will increase the efficiency several times. Thirty minutes later, wash the oil with a shampoo.
Use balm - conditioner, as well as hair masks, which, unlike oils, have a wider spectrum of action. So, on sale are masks that restore damagedhair. The basis of such masks includes only natural ingredients.
The composition of hot regenerating masks includes conditioning additives, which can be washed off without the use of shampoo. The mask is applied to clean, slightly, then wash off with warm water.