How to turn on the sound on the PC

You will need
  • - sound card drivers;
  • - A program to play sound;
  • - sound card.
Many modern motherboards are endowed with built-in sound cards. This allows you to not occupy unnecessarily PCI slots, which can be useful for connecting other devices. If there is no sound card, purchase a suitable device and connect it.
Install drivers for your sound card. To find the necessary files, visit the developers site of this device or motherboard. Open the "Drivers" or "Download" section. Use the search bar. Find out previously the sound card model. When using an integrated device, it is wiser to search for drivers for the motherboard.
Download the files offered by the system. Most often, drivers for sound cards are presented in the form of a special utility needed to configure the parameters of these devices. Run the installer located in the downloaded folder. Install the software by following the step-by-step menu that opens.
After installing the program components, restart the computer. This will allow the system to identify new equipment and prepare it for launch. Read the instructions for the sound card. Find out which of the ports is intended for audio output.
Connect the speaker cable to the correct port. Set the music player and run the desired song. Check the quality of the sound card.
If, after performing the described actions, there is still no sound, check the system settings. Open the computer control panel and go to the "Hardware and Sound" menu.
Now select “Volume Adjustment”. Make sure the output levelsoundcorresponds to the desired value. Go to the item "Manage sound devices."
In the “Playback” tab, click on the “Speakers” icon and click the “Default” button. Click the "Properties" button, select the "Levels" tab and check the volume settings for the equipment being configured.