How to understand life?

During life, each of us necessarily comes to the same answer to this question, how to understand the meaning of life? When will this illumination happen? Whether in deep old age, or in adulthood, when you are still young and full of strength and are able to put the knowledge gained into practice. The sooner - the better of course.

Who are we

As soon as a person learned to pass on information to his descendants through writing, the very first thing he wrote down are answers to eternal questions: who we are, why we live and how to understand life. But without a certain level of knowledge: about yourself, about the world, these answers are useless.

Who are we? Biologically, we are humans, in essence - animals, mammals, higher primates. Like any living organism, a person maintains the desire to fulfill four basic, basic needs. We list them in a sequence of importance for human life:

  • Nutritional need;
  • The need for heat (security);
  • The need for reproduction;
  • The need for dominance.

It is in this sequence that a person seeks to satisfy them, his whole life.If we are cold and we want to eat, we definitely won't want sex. And certainly we will not care how commented on our photo in contact.

The first and most important meaning of life is to constantly satisfy all four of our basic needs. Usually we come to the arguments about the meaninglessness of our existence, when we have satisfied the first three needs, but in the fourth something did not work out. In this and only in this case, the person is prone to depression and self-flagellation. Since with the first three everything is clear how to satisfy them, let's dwell on the fourth one - the need to dominate.

Man is an exclusively social being. Being alone, a person very quickly goes crazy and dies. It is vital for us to communicate in order to receive a daily ration of recognition of our own exclusiveness. Here is such a small paradox. Awareness of one's own uniqueness and superiority over other people is the need for dominance. It originated in millions of years of evolution, thanks to the same law of evolution - only the best will leave posterity.

Therefore, simply put, the need to dominate is to become “the very best” in any activity. Moreover, in the modern world it is very extensive. Physical, mental, creative, any kind of activity in which no one can compare next to you. This guarantees you making money, and money in turn guarantees you the satisfaction of the first three basic needs.

Who understood life - he is in no hurry

It is very important to understand that in themselves, money is not the meaning of life. The meaning, as we said above, is to become “the most-most”. And it is necessary to prove it daily. The second, fundamental mechanism of our existence, after the need to satisfy basic needs, is the way of becoming the “very-most”. Only four emotions lead us forward all our life:

  • Interest
  • Joy
  • Anger
  • Fear

Only the daily emotions of interest and joy make a person happy. Therefore, it is impossible to climb Everest once, and then hope that all your life you will experience the joy of one victory. Interest is only a favorite thing (favorite - this is the one that turns out best), and joy is only the state of victory (including, for example, victory in love).

Anger is the strongest emotion, it is used by man to achieve victory at any cost. If fear is stronger than anger - it speaks of your wrong development. Fear and pain are just a small limiter that protects our life from rash experiments (so that we don’t put our hands in the fire or go along the edge of the precipice). Anger is more developed, because if an animal suddenly finds itself at the center of a forest fire, it is not paralyzed by fear that it obediently burned, but anger is overwhelming and it runs through the fire without feeling pain.

Therefore, in order to understand the answer to the question - how to understand the meaning of life, you just need to answer other questions yourself: “How can I do this to experience emotions of interest and joy every day?”, “What do I get best and deliver me these emotions? ". And having understood what kind of activity suits you according to this parameter - just deal with them. This is life. Its meaning is happiness.

And happiness is not at the end of the road.