How to update the interior without extra costs?

If you are tired of the interior of your apartment, this is no reason to start a major overhaul. You can change the situation and without extra costs.


The first thing worth starting an interior renovation without repair is a rearrangement. And it can be global. For example, you can swap rooms, then their perception will radically change, because, in fact, their interior will be completely different.

If you are not ready for global changes, arrange a permutation in at least one room. For example, if you want to freshen up the bedroom, move the bed. You can move the cabinet. In general, move everything you can. But do not get too carried away, because the interior, first of all, should be comfortable.

Renewing furniture

An important component of the interior is, of course, furniture, so its updates should also be affected. If, nevertheless, you are ready to allocate some funds, then acquire something new. But it is not necessary to go to the store, although there you can find something inexpensive and interesting.

For example, furniture from past collections is usually much cheaper than new ones.But this does not mean at all that it will not be stylish. And if you're lucky, you will get a grand sale or take part in some action.

If you didn’t find anything worthwhile and affordable in stores, then go looking for newspapers and private classifieds sites. Sell ​​furniture for a variety of reasons, including such as buying a new, moving. That is, second-hand items can be practically new and very original, so feel free to purchase them!

If you are not ready to change the furniture, replace its upholstery, then the appearance will change radically. The easiest way is to seek help from professionals. But go not to the furniture company, but to the master who works for yourself, so you can save a lot. In addition, it is advisable to immediately buy a cloth and come to the furniture maker with it.

And if you are confident in your abilities and you have all the necessary tools (in principle, you only need a construction stapler and nail puller to remove the old upholstery), then you can do everything yourself.

First, remove the old fabric, if necessary, update or supplement the filler (you can use foam rubber for this), and then measure and cover the object with new material,securing it with a stapler.

If you want to refresh the cabinet furniture, then upgrade the facades. You can replace fittings or doors, wrap the surface with self-adhesive film, or decorate some parts with moldings, slats.


How to update the interior of the apartment with your own hands? Slightly change her appearance. It is determined by the finish, so in this paragraph it will be written about her. But do not rush to start repairs in the entire room, even cosmetic. You can change only one surface a little, it will noticeably change the entire interior as a whole.


  • Replace the old flooring. The easiest way to do this is to lay a new linoleum. It is not very expensive, easy and quite fast. By the way, if you wish, you can put it directly on top of the old pavement, if, of course, it is not an ancient parquet or laminate floor (then the floor will creak heavily).
  • Highlight one wall. Believe me, for updating this will be quite enough. In addition, this technique is actively used by modern designers, it is considered very fashionable and relevant. But how to do it? For example, with the help of new wallpaper, and certainly with a contrast to the main color: bright, fresh and juicy.You can use the panel, options for textures and colors mass! Even bright decorative tiles are suitable, with its help you can create an interesting drawing. If you are close to such styles as industrial or loft, then use brickwork. And a little advice: if you decide to single out one of the walls, then do not force it with furniture so that attention is drawn to her, and she appears in all her glory.
  • Focus on the ceiling. The easy way is to change its color with paint. But do not choose excessively dark colors, they visually bring the surface closer, so the height of the room will greatly decrease, and it will seem as if the ceiling is pressing on you or even is about to fall.


Textiles in the design of the interior is used by all and almost everywhere. Therefore, use it to update the interior at no cost.


  • The interior of the kitchen can be updated with the help of new bright tacks, towels, seats on stools or chairs, an unusual tablecloth.
  • Curtains. Windows - a very important component of the interior, so focus on them, change the curtains. First of all, it concerns color. Also interesting are the curtains with prints.And if you want dramatic changes, then instead of the usual curtains that are usual for many, choose Roman, Japanese, French or some other. And you can also create a multi-level composition, but remember that it will not fit into any interior, but only in a refined and chic.
  • Covers. If you use bedspreads for sofas and armchairs, then change them, and select something unusual, bright and bold. This will allow to change the furniture almost to no recognition, because the covers for many almost replace the upholstery.
  • Carpets. A bright carpet in the very center of the room is a great way to refresh and make the interior more original.


It is possible to upgrade walls cheaply and without replacement of finishing materials with the help of accessories. The first and long used - this picture. And it can be a reproduction of a world famous masterpiece, as well as a large and bright image in the style of pop art.

The second option - vinyl stickers that have become particularly popular lately. If you choose a large and contrast, the wall will definitely become bright. It can show off any animal, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben or the silhouette of Marilyn Monroe herself.


Mirrors sometimes work wonders! They, first, disperse the light and make the room more comfortable. Secondly, they practically expand the boundaries of space, making the room infinite. And if you choose mirrors in elegant frames, then they definitely will not go unnoticed.


To update the room, you can change the lamps, as well as their location. With the help of such devices, by the way, you can select zones and expand the space.

Now feel free to start updating the interior and do not worry about the cost!

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