How to use Twitter?

Twitter microblogging service is becoming increasingly popular. Many use it to communicate on the network, to earn money, promoting your blog or website. And some users even get several accounts so as not to confuse business correspondence with personal ones. However, this social network, as well as others like it, has a number of features that should be understood before using a tweeter.

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In order to start using Twitter, first of all, you should sign up on This procedure has recently become available in Russian, and takes place in several stages. The first stage consists in the usual filling of the fields with your data. In the second step, you will need to add people you are interested in to read their records. It is recommended to add at least 5 people. The third stage of registration involves the addition of 5 more people from different categories.

After that, the service will make you an offer to transfer your friends from other social networks and mailers.If you want to do this, you should specify the passwords and logins from the services provided and select those you want to import. The steps of adding friends are not required, so you can skip them. At the end of registration, you must specify your valid mailbox, which will receive an e-mail containing a link to activate your profile. It is necessary to go on it, after which you will find yourself on Twitter.

Twitter working principle

To use this service to the maximum, you need to know how to use twitter. To communicate on Twitter, you should enter the text of your messages in the field that is located at the top of the page, after which the Tweet button is pressed to send it. The message must contain no more than 140 characters, including spaces. Along with the Tweet button is a pointer that displays the characters already entered. Immediately after sending a message, it is added to your tape below. But no one will be able to see it until you have followers, that is, people who read your posts. Therefore, you should pay attention to the right side of your page and find the sections Following and Followers.The Following section lists those users whose messages you read, and Followers - users who read you. To add a certain person to the list of his readers, enter his login in the field next to him and click on the Search button. In the window that opens, you can see his latest posts, and clicking on his photo shows information about him. After clicking the Following button, this person will become your reader.

You can use the Search function both to search for individuals you are interested in and messages that contain phrases and words that interest you. It should be noted that the messages of those users whose messages you read and of course your messages will be displayed on your feed. Naturally, your posts will be visible on the feeds of your readers. If you like the message (tweet) of your friend, the rest will not see it until you use the retweet function.

Retweet a message

In order to retweet text, you must hover the cursor on it and select the Retwit option. Then this message with a link to its author will be able to see your followers. This feature is very useful because it allows you to expand the audience of followers.Because perhaps your message will appeal to many users, and they will want to retweet it, and after them countless people can make it.

If you want to enter into a discussion with the author of a message, you should use the Reply button under it. Moreover, all your discussion will be able to read your followers. Personal messages should be written through the Message option. So in the opened tab you should click on New Message, select a user and write him a private message. As a result, its text will not be displayed in the tape and will be available only to the addressee. Now you know how to use a tweeter and you probably want to register there to find as many friends as possible.