How to wear hoop earrings

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
fashion editor

It's time to once again talk about one model of earrings, on which everyone around you go crazy. You will find hoop earrings in every second Instagram of a fashionable blogger, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about a sporty style with sweatshirts and down jackets the size of a plaid or Parisian chic with trouser suits and perfect ankle boots. Earrings-rings to the place everywhere and always - this fact is confirmed by celebrities, to whom this accessory is somehow especially close.
Let us explain to you why: earrings-rings are not just another jewel that has become almost a classic, but an iconic accessory symbol in the history of fashion. Modern 30-year-old American women grew up and lit up at their first discotheques to the rhythms of Lorin Hill and Mary J. Blige and sat at the same desk with the daughters of people from Mexico - that's for whom the golden hoop earrings were not just another trinket in the box, but an iconic decoration for their culture, an identifying mark for their own.In Latin America, ear-piercing girls are still pierced early, and one of the earliest earrings is the rings - simple and at the same time noticeable ornaments, as they say, both in the feast and in the world. Much more spectacular than the usual "carnations", and much less pretentious and mundane than large candelabra earrings. Perhaps, the arguments “for” are already enough - go to specific models. Oh yeah, they forgot one more: earrings-rings in any form look expensive, and it is extremely and extremely difficult to make a mistake with the choice.