How to win the lottery?

If you believe the statistics, the chance to hit the jackpot is negligible. But to get a small, but very pleasant compensation for the effort expended is likely. We offer several ways to help win the lottery.

Play with a certain frequency

  • If you are sure that very soon Fortune will smile at you, regularly take steps "towards rapprochement." To do this, systematically participate in the lottery.
  • In order not to spend too much, select, for example, 2% of your income or any amount that is not burdensome for you to invest in your success. But do not waste more than allocated.
  • Break the lottery budget into 4 parts. So you can take part in the raffle once a week.
  • Choose the lottery that you like the most. The more tickets you get, the greater the chance of winning.
  • You can distribute the budget between different lotteries - then the chances of winning in each specific draw will decrease, but the probability of winning at least something will increase.
  • It is very important not to exceed the lottery budget and in any case not to play for the last money.

Competent approach to buying a ticket

  • Usually everyone who buys a ticket for good luck, try to choose from the middle. But a lot of Fortune's darlings recommend taking just the last ticket from the opposite side of you.
  • The number of tickets purchased is also important. The best option is to buy three pieces for each circulation. Three is a lucky number, and with so many chances to win a little more than with one ticket.
  • The day of purchase is also important. Monday and Tuesday before lunch, Saturday and Sunday after lunch are considered the most successful days. You can also see which lucky days are expected in a particular lunar cycle. The probability of winning is also very high if you buy a ticket on your birthday.

Get happy clothes

  • When you go to buy a lottery ticket, be careful about the selection of clothes. Do not wear anything red and yellow, avoid drawings on clothes, cells, peas, stripes. This will help attract luck and the chance to win the lottery will increase significantly.
  • Another way is to choose a wardrobe that brings good luck. Someone recommends wearing underwear inside out on the day when you plan to buy the coveted ticket.And other lucky people wear a thing that in the past has brought them good luck: successfully passing the exam, getting a long-awaited promotion, etc.
  • Many in the closet have a thing that brings good luck. When buying a lottery ticket you should not lose sight of it, all the little things are important. If there is no such thing, you can “program for luck” any thing that you wear often and with pleasure. You just have to believe that it has positive power and attracts good luck. This is another step closer to your winnings.

Stop being afraid of money

Very often banal fear stands on the way to winning. We are afraid of big money and subconsciously do not want to receive it. This instills a strong lack of confidence in one's own luck. Change the attitude to money and to the game. Bills and coins have a certain energy, so even small money should be treated with respect. Do not spare money, do not be stingy, do not judge people who have managed to earn or win a lot of money. At the same time, do not allow money to flow out of your pockets uncontrollably: control your income and expenses, always count the change in the store, etc.

Watch the numbers

If you prefer to play the lottery, where you need to guess the numbers that the lottery machine will give out, do not make a combination at random. Choose combinations that sound good, that is, in some way resemble poetry. It is important that in each subsequent playing field the combination differs from the previous one only by one digit. You can also choose numbers by their initials. The number corresponds to the serial number of a letter in the alphabet.

Before you personally check how to win the lottery, remember that you only need to buy lottery tickets for the amount that you don’t wish to lose. Ultimately, this is only entertainment, which, under favorable circumstances, can bring good profits.