How do women dance?

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How do women dance?

All the girls in the clubs dance differently. It depends on the temperament, emancipation, dance experience and even the purpose of the dance. Some girls visit clubs and discos in order to have fun, while others - to show themselves, and maybe find a soul mate. If you want to know how women dance, read our article.

Types of dancing women

All the girls on the dance floor can be divided into several categories, which are described below:

  • "Shy". You probably know her: a modest girl who shakes her hips and body to the beat of the music. She does not allow herself any movements attracting the attention of others.
  • "Sweetie". The exact opposite of the "shy". She is liberated, sociable, actively moving and enjoying her body.
  • "Chikul". Here everything is clear: lips bow, eyes closed. The dancer actively shakes her hips, she is self-sufficient and happy with herself.
  • "tranquilizer". The eyes are closed, the body sways, as if in a trance, and the hands are seductively gliding over the body, then stroking, then wrapping around the neck, chest, waist, hips.
  • "Optimist".An open smile, in the eyes - childish joy, she jumps in one place, actively moving her hands to the beat of the music, and tries to charge others with her energy.
  • "Fierce." A powerful figure, sharp attacks and movements with his hands, reminiscent of the basics of martial arts. The dance feels power and strength.
  • "Singing". The girl is actively singing along with the phonogram, there may be no sounds at the same time, but the articulation is very active.
  • "model". During the dance, she has time to freeze in different poses, copying models of glossy magazines.
  • "Cheeky." The girl uses the seductive movements of the hips, hands slide over the body, picking up clothes.
  • "support". There are girls on the dance floor whose movements are unthinkable without support. They are confident in themselves, but without support dance seems to them boring.
  • "fitness instructor". Springy sweeping movements that are very similar to a fitness workout.
  • "With experience". Some girls are so confident that they feel good during the dance, even with a glass in hand.

If you want to go to the club, you need to learn a little dance.