Ideas of fashionable gifts for women

This fashionista is difficult to please, so the choice of a gift for such a girl is much more complicated. But still there are some original ideas.

What should be a gift for a fashionista?

So, what are the requirements for a gift that will be presented to a girl who knows a lot about fashion?

  • Originality. Banal things certainly will not please the woman of fashion, so forget about them.
  • Individuality. A fashionable girl is always aware of world trends, has seen a lot, is not surprised at almost anything and knows for sure that any thing should be individual, otherwise it will not be stylish. So, when choosing a gift, be sure to think about the one to whom it is meant. Consider her character, tastes, features.
  • The gift absolutely must be modern, because to be truly stylish and fashionable, you need to use cutting-edge technology and science.
  • Brightness. Even if you donate some kind of electrical appliance, it certainly should have a stylish and original design.

What to give?

So what to give a woman or a girl who knows a lot about fashion?

Modern and necessary gifts

A woman of fashion will definitely appreciate a modern gift that, among other things, will prove useful or even necessary:

  • Robot vacuum cleaner. Surely a stylish girl does not have time for cleaning. And if for her everything will be done by a cute and hardworking robot vacuum cleaner, she will be absolutely delighted!
  • Modern electronic clock. They can have a huge set of functions: stopwatch, timer, pedometer, calculator, and so on. But such an accessory should be not only functional, but also stylish, do not forget about it.
  • If a woman of fashion has a personal car, then donate some modern gadget for it, for example, a navigator (always with interesting sound), parking sensors, the original holder for mobile devices (in the form of hands, for example), rear window equalizer, organizer or something other.
  • Laser Keyboard. It connects to computers and mobile devices, designs the keyboard on any flat surface and makes using the device not only convenient (you no longer have to correct errors related to hitting the wrong keys on the touch screen) and creative.
  • Modern smartphone.But in order to make such a gift also very useful, download interesting and useful applications for stylish and fashionable girls, such as a calorie counter, a barcode scanner, an image editor, and so on.
  • Insoles heated. If you do not want to part with your favorite, but not the warmest shoes, but it is cold outside, then such insoles will warm the legs and allow you to forget about discomfort.

For home

Fashionable gifts for women who know a lot about fashion can be used for home use or interior design, because a fashionista probably wants to stay stylish and original at home too. A few ideas:

  • Stylish slippers. It can be warm and cozy slippers or a feminine and elegant model with heels. And you can buy heated slippers.
  • Original home dressing-gown or suit. It can be a thing made of expensive and trendy fabric or a model with an interesting decor, for example, embroidery, appliqué or lettering.
  • Organizer for accessories or jewelry in the form of a dress. Such an adaptation will solve the problem of storing small items.
  • Creative forms for ice. Surely a stylish girl loves to drink various cocktails and other drinks and uses ice to serve them.And if it is not ordinary, but original, then this will allow you to get not only taste, but also aesthetic pleasure.
  • Portrait. But it must be executed without fail in some modern and original style, such as pop art.
  • Set of bright covers for clothes. If a fashionista likes to travel, then such a gift will be definitely appreciated. You can pack any things into the covers, this will avoid confusion in a suitcase or travel bag. In addition, they look fashionable and stylish.
  • The projector of the starry sky will allow any home evening to make interesting and unforgettable.
  • Light nozzle on the shower. The procedure for taking a shower should also be interesting and original.
  • Vinyl stickers. They will allow without additional costs and efforts to refresh, transform or even change the interior.
  • Original apron. In the kitchen, too, need to be fashionable.
  • Photomosaic or photo collage.
  • Decorative mirror. It can have almost any shape and become not only useful, but also a bright subject, as well as an independent accent of design.
  • Bright poof box for storage.

Stylish accessories

Ideas for stylish accessories:

  • Creative cover for a passport, student card or other documents. Stylish and bright everything should be, is not it?
  • Bright mirror.It can be decorated with stones, appliqués and other decorative elements.
  • Holder for handbags. This accessory will solve the issue of placing the handbag in public places.
  • Stylish headphone case.
  • Original mobile phone case.
  • Bright folder for documents. This is a stylish and useful accessory for business fashionista.
  • Fashion pencil case. Suitable for a stylish student and business woman.
  • Purse. It certainly should be a lot of departments: for cards, for documents, for large bills, for trivia, and so on. And the wallet, of course, must be stylish.
  • Convenient and bright lunchbox. Such a useful accessory will allow you to dine at the workplace not only with convenience and comfort, but also fashionable.
  • Original travel bag.
  • Gloves for touch phone. Let the girl use the device in the cold, and the pens at the same time remain warm.
  • Case for underwear or a separate cover for bras. This is a very useful thing, especially for girls who have a lot of underwear and often travel.
  • Clips for a bra allow you to connect on the back straps and make the underwear under the clothes with an X-shaped neckline behind,opening the shoulder blades.
  • Nozzles on the heels, allowing to protect footwear during walks "on impassable".

Pleasant trifles


  • Jewelry box.
  • Statuette made from the photo of the girl. Fashionistas will definitely be delighted.
  • The original mug, but rather a whole set of dishes.
  • Stylish key chain.

For entertainment and hobbies


  • Subscribe to your favorite fashion magazine.
  • Cinema tickets for the new film.
  • The book is about fashion and style. A fashionista is happy to learn something new and find useful tips.

For body and soul

A fashionista will be pleased to receive the following gifts:

  • Certificate in a fashionable clothing store.
  • Certificate in the store cosmetics or perfumes.
  • Certificate for a session of visage.
  • Certificate of attendance at the spa.
  • Photo session in a bright and interesting way. Fashionistas will appreciate!


A few recommendations:

  1. Pay special attention to packaging. It should be original, bright and stylish.
  2. To the main gift you can attach an object made with your own hands. Such things are always in fashion and are exclusive.
  3. Do not forget during congratulations to praise the perfect style of the recipient of the gift.

Let the fashionista be pleased!

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