Increase the landing area by building multi-level beds

Can't choose what to plant this season? After all, the standard suburban area is so small! Increase the area of ​​landing, having built multi-level beds. They are perfect for growing strawberries, peas and greens. This design can be moved around the yard, following the sun's rays.

The main material for the construction will be pine boards. They should be supplemented with metal or plastic mesh.

To ensure that the structure is folded and, if necessary, it can be put into the shed, place the hinges on the corners.

Shelves are nailed to the base of the same boards.

The bottom of the boxes is lined with thick paper or cardboard. You can even use old newspapers, folded in several layers. The main task of the paper is to keep the soil, but let the moisture flow freely from the boxes.

A small garden can be populated with plants.

They planted green peas.

In winter, the construction can be folded and sent to the shed for storage. As it develops, it does not take up much space.