Incredible 3-D tattoos that exceeded all expectations

Some believe that a tattoo can completely change the character of the owner, or simply add new strength and determination to him. Often tattoos are made as a talisman or talisman for good luck. Modern tattooing is not just a form of expression, but a new art form. Not all masters can make tattoos using 3D, but these are the images that look most impressive. Here are some works that look like real objects on the skin.

An interesting alternative to the usual hairstyle

Perhaps this girl too often said "smile!"

But how can you respond to not very funny jokes

Everyone has an inner "I". And sometimes it breaks out.

Dreams of the Real Sea Wolf

Sometimes you have to literally "collect yourself in parts." Finally achieve integrity ...

The second person can appear in very unexpected places.

The future has come. Android robots are already among us!

The incredible curvature of space ... Perhaps this is what cosmic "wormholes" look like?

And one more warrior from the army of insurgent machines

Ornament in the form of woodcarving in ethnic style ... It seems that in ancient times this was not practiced ...

Even a butterfly tattoo may not seem commonplace if a butterfly is about to fly away.

Collecting dolls is called an interesting word "planology". But for those who put their image on their skin, the names have not yet come up

And this is how a robot from the future will look from the back.

Not an ordinary place for the third eye.

Probably this guy is counting on someone to ask him for a pen.

And this is a little creepy ... And terribly effective!

And some more horror

Sometimes you need to plunge into yourself.

Impenetrable man!

A real photographer never parted with his camera

Sometimes Wonderland is closer than it seems.

This photo of the birth of the baby the father will not be able to lose for sure

Sometimes a drunken plumber hides in a slender dancer.

One of the most creepy smiles in the world!

The one that is always in the heart.