Interesting films about scouts, with an exciting plot

Life scouts are constantly in danger, and for sure that is why a lot of films about them shot. And what are worth seeing movie lovers?

The most interesting films about scouts:

  1. "The most dangerous person". The events of this film unfold in Hamburg. Gunther Bachmann, who is the head of the special services, is assigned by the government to find and neutralize the dangerous criminal Issa Karpov, who immigrated from Chechnya and is suspected of having links with a terrorist group. Soon the agent finally succeeds in reaching the fugitive, who is hiding at home with the Muslim woman Leyla. And the young lawyer Annabelle is involved in Issa’s case, who does not even know who she is protecting. But Karpov is just a bait on which the heads of several countries were supposed to “bite”. And when these states connect their intelligence services, the fun begins.This is a great world game in which anyone can be a queen and a pawn. But victory definitely does not depend on luck, but on the available and correctly used information.
  2. "Spy, get out". If you like movies about scouts, spies and saboteurs, be sure to check this one. Events unfold during the Cold War, when instead of weapons rival countries used other means, namely intelligence. At the headquarters of the British intelligence wound up "mole", which all the secret data passed to Moscow. Some guessed the existence of a spy, others tried to hint at it, and those who declared it openly resigned. But the confirmation was quite unexpected. But the fact that the work of the "mole" will not save British intelligence from failure. Now we need to find the secret agent and neutralize him. And it is very difficult when everyone suspects each other. And only the strongest - George Smiley, who is retired - will cope with this. But its management should not even guess about its activities.
  3. "The whole set of lies". The protagonist Roger Ferris is an agent of national intelligence.He travels around the world and prevents the most terrible events. Now the task is to find and capture the al Qaeda terrorist Al Salim. But there is practically no clue, but there is evidence that one of their perpetrators of criminals is in Amman. Roger manages to get support from the Jordanian intelligence service, but the operation fails, and the terrorists are hiding again in an unknown direction. And after some reflections, Ferris finds an unusual solution to the problem. He creates his own terrorist. And when Al Salim comes out on him, he will be captured. But will it be possible to carry out such a bold plan?
  4. "17 moments of Spring". The events of this legendary film unfold in 1941-1945, that is, during the Great Patriotic War. On the eve of victory, hostilities are still continuing, and intelligence officers are actively working. One of the most famous is Shtandarfuhrer Shtrlitz, at home known as Colonel Isaev. He still remains behind enemy lines and puts his life in danger. But the war is not over yet, and he must carry out the orders of the Center. And if all tasks are completed, then the course of hostilities may change, which will bring victory closer.The authorities of the opposing countries make political intrigues, each side has its own goals. But the USSR Army has one main task - to defend freedom, to achieve justice and to protect the land and the citizens. This is one of the best pictures about the war.
  5. "007: Spectrum". James Bond is perhaps the most famous intelligence agent and secret agent, so the film about him simply could not be included in the list. Taking away his belongings from the destroyed headquarters of the M16 service, James discovers in them a certain message from an unknown source. And before him open up some secrets of the past, which were previously unknown and completely unimportant. Bond begins an investigation and attacks the trail of a secret corporation bearing the strange name Spectrum. This is a major terrorist organization, which lurks the mysteries of the past, and not only James himself, but also some of the events that have happened in the world. Now Bond must learn a lot about himself and stop the Spectra agents, while it is still possible to save the world and innocent people.
  6. "Game without rules". The White House is literally riddled with intrigue, and even members of the government play dangerous and illegal games.Former US ambassador Joseph Wilson decided that this could not continue any longer, and published material collected by himself, exposing President Bush and his successors. Intelligence data were used for other purposes, and the "top" adhered to their views. Joseph's wife - an agent of secret services Valerie Play was automatically hit by: because of her husband's actions, she was publicly accused of espionage. And the government is threatening the Wilson family with reprisals, so now Joseph and Valerie must fight not only for justice, but for their lives. And this is very difficult, because their enemies are in power.
  7. “Mission Impossible: Phantom Protocol”. Ethan Hunt is another famous film prospect and experienced spy, so this film is also worth seeing. In this part, Ethan and some of his colleagues are accused of involvement in an explosion that rocked the Kremlin. And although the agents are not exactly guilty, the president launches the "Phantom Protocol" project, according to which the special unit is liquidated. But Hunt intends to return an honest name and therefore, along with colleagues, goes in search of Professor Cobalt, who actually initiated the explosion.Ethan has assistants, but their goals are not completely clear. But so far it does not matter, because the group has to stop other criminals.
  8. "Spy Games". Nathan Muir is a veteran of intelligence who is about to retire. But on his last day at work, he finds out that his former partner and friend Tom Bishop got into serious trouble. He and his girlfriend were in a Chinese prison, and Tom was accused of espionage. Nathan can not leave everything as it is, and decides to fight for a friend. He understands that Bishop is just a pawn in the big game of the two major powers, and therefore it is not easy to save him. And this must be done, because if the heads of the United States and China do not agree, then Tom faces execution. But will Nathan risk his own peaceful life for an old friend? He will definitely draw the right conclusions.
  9. "Recruit". The protagonist, James Clayton, graduates from the University of Massachusetts and will soon become a programmer. He loves his profession and is talented. And he is a great hacker, which attracts the attention of the secret services, so one day CIA instructor Walter Burke turns to him, intending to recruit James.He hints that becoming an agent, Clayton will be able to learn at least something about his father, who, under mysterious circumstances, disappeared without a trace in the early 90s. James agrees, and begins to receive training. Assignments are becoming more complex and even dangerous, but who said it would be easy? And although Clayton knew well what he was going for, he did not think that he would soon receive his first task as a full-fledged intelligence officer. A “mole” wound up in the service, and James must find him and neutralize him.
  10. "Confessions of a dangerous person". This film is an adaptation of the autobiography of the popular TV presenter of the 60s of the last century, Chuck Barris. Who would have thought that this showman led a double life? In a period of creative crisis, Chuck receives an offer to work for the CIA and agrees. And now he must continue to conduct rating programs and smile from the screen. But another of his tasks is to kill those who are dangerous for the government. And the “tops”, as it turned out, sometimes play dirty games.
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