Interesting films about the island, with an exciting plot

Many dream to be on a desert island. But not everyone thinks about what events there can unfold. But the directors of cult films is well known.

The following are the most interesting films about the island:

  1. "Shutter Island". The plot of this film is so exciting that you should definitely see it all! On the remote island there is a clinic where they contain especially violent and dangerous crazy people who have committed brutal crimes. But one of them somehow escapes from the hospital, although it is almost impossible, because there is an open sea around it, and there is no chance to reach the mainland. Federal Marshal Teddy Daniels and his partner, Chuck Oul, are sent to investigate the disappearance. Teddy is trying to understand what happened at the clinic, but suddenly nightmares begin to torment him. But gradually reality is eroded and ceases to be clear. Besides, in the rocks Daniels meets a woman,who will try to uncover the secrets of the hospital. But Teddy himself is also full of mysteries, and he will have, first of all, to understand himself.
  2. "Life of Pi". Do you like adventures? Then you will definitely like this movie! Pi is an Indian boy and the son of the zoo owner. India is a beautiful country, but the family decided to move to the USA. The ship was wrecked, and only Pi and several animals survived: an orangutan, a hyena, a tiger and a zebra. And they all end up in the same boat. The open sea is dangerous, and the confrontation begins between the passengers. The tiger is especially dangerous because it knows only its instincts and the feeling of hunger. All stocks are running out, but, fortunately, the boat nailed to the island. But is this salvation or a new danger? This story is told by an elderly Pi, and sometimes he himself cannot remember what really happened.
  3. "Outcast". It’s lonely and sometimes scary on a desert island, and this was confirmed by the main character of the film, played by Tom Hanks. Chuck Noland live very ordinary lives and works in the service delivery. He is very pedantic and used to plan ahead. His schedule is so tight that sometimes there is not enough time for his beloved woman and the simple joys of life. But one day he will have to look at everything differently, and he will have time to think.The plane on which Chuck flies, falls into the ocean, and he is the only one saved. Once on a desert island, he is forced to learn to live differently. Spending the days and counting the time, he will finally understand how wrong his life had been before.
  4. "Beach". Richard is a guy from America. Like other members of his generation, he dreams of an easy and better life. In search of adventure, he goes to Thailand and meets a man there who talks about a distant island. On it, marijuana is not prohibited and grows like ordinary grass, and on the beach there lives a community in which there are no prohibitions. Having received a map of this mysterious paradise, Richard and several other Frenchmen go to the island, towards a new life and pleasures. But will they be there waiting for all the promise? Or was the invitation just a bait?
  5. "Six days, seven nights". This is a film about the life of two unfortunates, who happened to be on the island completely by chance. In the story, a small plane crashes right above the sea, and the pilot, along with the only passenger, lands on an uninhabited island. At first they try to send a signal to the mainland, but all the devices fail. Then they just start waiting for someone to save them.Soon on the horizon the ship is shown, and the delighted inhabitants of the island run to meet, but it turns out that this place forgotten by God decided to visit the pirates. A woman and a man who just recently hated each other, will have to unite and learn how to interact and live together. And what it can turn into, the audience will know.
  6. "Sentenced". Jack Conrad is serving a sentence in prison. For murder, he is sentenced to death, and he is waiting for his fate. But the expectation will be more dangerous than Conrad expected. An influential producer notices the hero and selects him as a participant in the new reality show. He and nine other prisoners sentenced to death are sent to an uninhabited island. Now each of them will not only exist in extreme conditions, but also try to escape, because the main task of the participants of this unusual show is to kill the others and become the only inhabitant of the island. And if other "suicide bombers" are destroyed, the winner will be able to receive the main prizes - his own life and freedom.
  7. "Blue Lagoon". Jungle, sea, tropical fruits ... it's all so romantic! And the film "Blue Lagoon" confirms this. The plot is quite simple, but still interesting, it will definitely appreciate the nature of the creative and sublime.It all began not very rosy. A large cruise liner crashed in the ocean, and only an experienced sailor and two children survived: a boy and a girl. A man taught the young inhabitants of the island everything that can be useful in life in such extreme conditions. And after his death, the children realized that they were completely alone. They began to draw closer, and gradually the friendship grew into something more. And although disagreements and quarrels occurred, reconciliation always followed them. And as the characters matured, their feelings intensified and turned into sincere and pure love.
  8. "Sex for Survival". Newlyweds Jack and Jennifer during the honeymoon go to sea on a luxury yacht. But after a few days the ship is wrecked, and the couple and the young sailor Manuel find themselves at the shore of an unknown island, in complete isolation from the mainland. But Jack can not take care of his wife, and this duty takes on a more adapted to extreme conditions Manuel. The girl not only appreciated such care, but also realized that she was experiencing a real wild passion for the guy. Naturally, her husband Jack did not like it at all, and because of the strongest jealousy, he turns into a real monster, ready for anything, to once again fully enjoy his beloved.But Manuel also decides to fight. But what will this struggle ultimately lead to? And what will Jennifer decide?
  9. "Robinson Crusoe". This film, based on the work of the same name, was also included in the list. The protagonist is a slave owner. His ship was wrecked, and only he managed to escape. Now he must learn to survive in new and dangerous conditions: get food, hide from dangerous animals and insects, resist pirates and even cannibals, and also endure the vagaries of nature in the form of hurricanes, storms and rain. The only friends of Robinson Cruise are the cat and the dog, but later he meets the savage, whom he calls Friday and begins to wean the wild habits and teach the language.
  10. "Uninhabited". The plot of this film is exciting, because its genre is a thriller. A young couple decides to take a break from the bustle of the city and be somewhere far away from the mainland. They go to a desert island to set up a tent and enjoy the peace and nature. But these plans were not destined to come true. It turns out that a ghost lives on the island, and it is very dangerous. He will retaliate and try to kill the uninvited guests.Will they be able to escape? After all, only the strongest will survive.

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