Irreplaceable boho: clothes soaked with the idea of ​​freedom and relaxation

Hot weather sets the conditions before women of fashion. On the one hand, I want to hit everyone with a spectacular outfit, on the other hand, it should be comfortable to dress. Boho style allows you to kill two birds with one stone. Loose dresses and tunics do not hamper movement and fit almost any figure. Trend 2018 - things from natural fabrics of white color. Exquisite lace and embroidery are used as decor. Such clothes are imbued with the idea of ​​freedom and relaxation.

To supplement a free dress is better by accessories in ethnic style from natural materials. For the evening exit fit large metal ornaments.

The same outfit can be worn as a dress or tunic, complementing jeans or loose pants.

Layering and texture are the main features of boho.

Do not be afraid of voluminous things, they only emphasize the grace of the silhouette.

Boho is considered an elite hippie, so it uses only the highest quality fabrics.

Things of the original cut will suit both young girls and adult ladies.

Drapery and tucks make interesting the most simple silhouettes.