Is it true that cheap sunglasses are harmful to the eyes?

Each of us at least once in our life bought a pair of sunglasses for a ridiculous price (and not just one!) - for example, being tempted by an unusual rim at a sale, or as an inexpensive souvenir from a trip, or after a favorite pair of glasses was rashly forgotten on the seat taxi or on the beach. But, as a rule, we do not always wear such sunglasses, hoping that a dress can cost 300 rubles and at the same time be wearable, but sunglasses are supposed to be expensive to be of high quality, otherwise there is a risk of serious damage to the eyes. Is it really? What do you win by choosing yourself for the summer, for example, Prada sunglasses for 15,000 rubles instead of identical in design and such fashionable-looking Topshop for 1,000 rubles? We decided to understand the myths about expensive and cheap sunglasses before investing in a new pair.

Is it true that cheap sunglasses are harmful to the eyes?

Sunglasses Topshop (1 538 rubles).and Prada (14 790 rub.)

Why is the sun harmful to our eyes?

We all know that the sun's UVB rays, which give tan to the skin, can also cause burns. The same thing happens with our eyes in the sun, but only the effect, as is the case with the skin, is not instantaneous, but cumulative. Directed to a bright light, our eyes first of all screw up their eyes to hide the eyeball from the sun's rays, and our icon at this time narrows, thus reducing the amount of light that falls on its surface. When you put on sunglasses, the same thing happens as if you entered a dark room from a bright light: your eyes open, and the pupil begins to expand again - from 1 millimeter to about 5-6 millimeters in diameter. If you are wearing sunglasses that do not block the rays of UVA and UVB, your eyes are "deceived": the pupil is dilated, but the harmful rays get to its surface, which can eventually lead to different diseases - from cataracts to eye melanoma.

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How to choose "harmless" sunglasses?

Sunglasses that protect the eyes from the harmful spectrum of the sun rays, are marked with UV protection or an additional mark CE, which means that the protection meets European standards.The minimum protection level for sunglasses is 320–390 nanometers, and if the CE icon is present, this level is increased to 400 nanometers, which in principle does not play a big role, because the most dangerous sun rays are in the spectrum up to 320 nanometers by 95%. Does it affect the price? You'd be surprised, but not at all: the surface treatment of UV protection glasses cost a penny, so no brand with a reputation will save on this - tests by British Daily Mail and CBS News Americans proved it, showing experts sunglasses worth from 3 pounds (about 300 rubles.) from a variety of democratic brands. The minimum level of UV protection was found in all pairs, so the only advice that can be given in conclusion is that it’s not critical to buy cheap sunglasses, but you need to make sure that you know their manufacturer.

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How expensive glasses are different from cheap?

What then is the point of paying more, if an inexpensive pair can provide eyes protection? And yet, expensive sunglasses are different from cheap analogs. Firstly, quality glasses have protection directly in the lens, while low-cost brands apply it on plastic by spraying.This means that such glasses are dangerous to clean - you can just remove the protective layer, and the glasses will stop working. The same will happen in places where the glasses are scratched, - there the protective layer will be absent. For expensive glasses for these purposes, there is an additional coating that protects the glass from scratches. Secondly, expensive sunglasses have an anti-reflective coating on both sides, which prevents the rays from returning and with double force to affect your eyes; however, in this case it is only about 8% of the rays.

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How to choose sunglasses correctly?

Experts-ophthalmologists assure, that at purchase of sunglasses their cost is not so important, how much their form and color which approach to you.

  • Landing matters

Sunglasses should fit snugly to the eyes so that the sun's rays do not penetrate from the sides or from above, so doctors advise to make sure that the chosen model is “sitting” comfortably and closes the eyes as much as possible. The mods will not like it, but ophthalmologists note that sunglasses in the ski-style close to the eyes are the safest and most effective model.

Street style

  • You should not be kept on a dark color

Dark glasses do not necessarily protect your eyes better than light ones, so you can get yourself pink, yellow and purple glasses with a decent level of protection as good as black glasses. By the way, ophthalmologists recommend gray-gray or gray-brown sunglasses - as research shows, they distort the colors of traffic lights less than others. And those who spend a lot of time in the water or high in the mountains, it is better to choose a pair of mirrored sunglasses for yourself - high-quality models reflect part of the sun's rays on the surface, so fewer of them come directly to your eyes.

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  • Be careful with the reflection

Check the inside of your sunglasses - they should not be reflected, otherwise you risk not only harm your eyes, but also distort your view due to the shadows in the reflection.