Is x-ray harmful?

Roman Zhdanov
Roman Zhdanov
December 20, 2012
Is x-ray harmful?

There is hardly any at least one person who has never been subjected to X-ray irradiation. Therefore, everyone would like to know if X-rays are harmful? In short, we can say that X-rays can be dangerous for health in large doses. An annual chest photograph is safe; a mammogram that is done to women over 40 twice a year is also safe. If we are talking about the patient's life, then X-rays will be spent for as long as it takes to save his life.

X-ray and child

Many mothers wonder whether an x-ray is harmful to a child; it can be said that a shot of the chest is taken only by persons who have reached the age of 15 years. Also, do not forget that modern x-ray machines are very different from their predecessors. Currently, a person receives a dose of radiation, which is at times the one that he would have received 10-15 years ago. When examining children, they are protected completely with a screen, only the area being examined remains unprotected.

Maximum permissible X-ray dose

A very popular term, which is often present in conversations of patients, they all want to figure out this figure, with the current modern equipment such a figure simply does not exist. It is worth remembering that fluorography. Gives a greater dose of radiation than an X-ray, and radiation in a dental image is completely negligible.

Of course, it will not be denied that X-ray has a negative effect on the body, but such prevention is worth it.

X-ray protection methods

  1. Time
  2. Distance
  3. Shielding

From this we can conclude that the greater the distance, the lower the dose. Also reduce the dose set before the patient screen. Reduce exposure and special "aprons", "hats" and other lead uniforms.

X-ray and pregnancy

Such an examination is undesirable, but sometimes it is simply necessary (fracture, etc.). In this case, the abdominal area is screened.

Is it harmful to do an x-ray? You can answer that it is harmful to do it often, and periodic examination is the norm.