How to pull a splinter?

Most people do not consider a splinter dangerous, thinking that a small sliver caught under the skin can hardly cause any serious damage to the body. On the one hand it is. The body is really able to cope with such a problem as a splinter. But on the other hand, a splinter can begin to sink deeper, affecting soft tissues, and this in turn will cause an inflammatory process and the wound will rot. Therefore, in order to avoid this trouble, it is necessary to remove the splinter as quickly as possible, especially if it is large and sticks out.

How to remove a splinter from a finger quickly and safely

Most often splinters penetrate the fingers and toes. Using the tweezers and needle, you can easily remove them.

So sanitize your tools before use. You can simply wipe with alcohol, ignite in a fire or boil for 5 minutes. Before starting the extraction procedure, wipe the wound with alcohol. Do the same after. If the edge of the splinter can be easily grabbed with tweezers, then just pick up the splinter and pull it out.In the case when the splinter is completely under the skin, its edge should be carefully picked up with a needle at a right angle so that it crawls out, and it can be grasped with tweezers.

If this way to pull the splinter did not work, do not despair. Try using a bath with salt water, soda, or soapy water. Immerse in her hand or leg, in need of the will of the splinter, for 10-15 minutes. The skin will soften, the splinter will come out a little to the surface, and you can pull it out with tweezers.

How to pull a splinter under the nail

A splinter under the fingernail is not only dangerous, but also very painful. Well, firstly all the same needle and tweezers will help. However, this method is suitable if the splinter did not enter deeply and is visible. Otherwise, perform the following procedure. Dip the affected finger in vodka or alcohol and soak it for 30-40 minutes. A splash will pop out a bit and you can grab its edge. If this does not work, coat the nail and the affected area with ichthyol. It has an antiseptic effect and helps to avoid inflammation and suppuration.

How to pull a splinter from a child

Most often suffer from splinters children, because they are very mobile and curious.It’s not always possible for parents to trace all the actions of their offspring; therefore, it is often known about this trouble only when the child is already filled with burning tears and asking for help.

The first thing to do is to examine the wound. If it is really a thorn, i.e. Thin wooden sliver, then you can handle extracting it yourself. If it is any other foreign body under the skin (metal, glass, etc.), it is better to immediately consult a doctor.

Pulling a splash in children is not easy. They are suspicious of tweezers, and even more so on the needle and do not tolerate pain. Although, again, everything is individual and the child’s behavior depends on his age, gender, location and severity of the injury.

First of all, you need to hold your finger in the tub with warm, soapy water for at least 10 minutes. You can hold under the stream of hot water. If the child is naughty and refuses this procedure, it is possible to replace it with a compress. In a word, the skin needs to be steamed and softened.

After that, under any pretext, going on all sorts of tricks, cut the needle over the splinter with a needle and carefully remove it with tweezers.If the first time does not work out, do it a little later after the procedure again, starting from the steaming bath.

Most importantly do not forget about disinfection. Wash your hands with soap and water before the procedure, disinfect working tools, and treat the wound before and after removing the splinter. After the splinter has been removed, apply a strip of aloe on the wound and bandage a finger.

It is prohibited:

  1. In no case can not panic. If your child has a thorn, with your fears, you will even more frighten an already upset baby. Take it easy and try to calm your child.
  2. No picking and cuts. With such radical methods you will carry the infection and aggravate your situation. Then surely you will not be able to do without the help of a doctor.
  3. It is impossible to smear a wound with creams and all kinds of fatty ointments. They will create a plan, eliminate the access of oxygen to the skin. This again can lead to inflammation.

And lastly, if the thorn was never removed, or part of the splinter remained inside, if there are no necessary antiseptics and tools at hand, and the wound is severely inflamed and sore, and finally, if the splinter is in the eye or genital area, you need to refer to to the doctor.